RTI Podcast: What’s Up with Jarrett Guarantano?

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    Photo by Jake Nichols/RTI

    In this episode of the RTI Podcast, managing editor Nathanael Rutherford and staff writer Ben McKee discuss Tennessee’s quarterback situation through the first two weeks of the season. Why has Jarrett Guarantano showed regression to start the season compared to last year? Is it time for a move to be made at QB, or is it still a little too soon? Can Guarantano turn things around, or is UT stuck with what it has right now?

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    We apologize for some minor audio issues in this episode of the podcast


    1. I have watched UT for 65 years. Jarrett is the worst QB I have ever witnessed.
      They say look at his stats..yes when you are always playing the second string defense stats look pretty good.
      The most important statistic is wins vs. losses
      Jarrett can not win at this level now, tomorrow, next week or next year.
      It is time to win now and let him transfer for his own benefit without any more embarrassment.

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