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Everything Freshman LB Quavaris Crouch Said

(Photo via Tennessee Athletics)

RTI contributor Robert Hughes is the author of this article 

On Wednesday, true freshman linebacker Quavaris Crouch had his first media availability of his Tennessee career. Crouch touched on a myriad of topics while in front of the media, including his message to recruits who might be reconsidering the Vols, adjusting to college, the speed of the SEC, and much more.

You can read what Crouch had to say about his pitch to recruits here. You can also hear everything he and four other Vol players had to say here.

As for everything else, here’s what the Vols’ true freshman linebacker had to say during his Wednesday media availability.

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On Jeremy Pruitt and Tennessee’s coaching staff:

“I saw all the players that he (Pruitt) put in the league… I did my research on the guys (coaches). I knew I had a good defensive staff that would help me become the best defensive player I could be.”

On defensive learning curve:

“I’m still learning how to pass rush. I feel like I’m close to getting [a sack].”

On speed of the SEC:

“The Georgia State game… I like to stay calm. The first game, I was a little jittery until I had my first hit. The speed is not that bad because we practice hard. Practice is so much harder than games, I’m not going to lie to you. Coach Pruitt works us during practice. Practice is harder than games, so when we get out there on game days, it’s a lot easier for us.”

On first four weeks as a freshman:

“I’m still having fun. I’m obviously a little disappointed from the losses that we took, but for me, I’m here just to get better and to get our team on the same page. I’m just trying to get better each and every day. I’m learning a lot. I feel like every time I go out there and put my cleats on, I get better at something. I’m excited to keep going.”

On being used to losing:

“My sophomore year (of high school), we lost everything. We lost all the time. My first year of playing high school football, we lost every game except one. I’m used to having adversity, so this right now is not really bothering me because I’m used to building something. It’s not too much for me because I’m used to building something.”

His message to recruits reconsidering the Vols and building a culture:

“For any recruit that’s out there and thinking, ‘Oh, did Tennessee take a step back?’ I would say, you come here, and you get ready to play with us. It takes time to build something. The world wasn’t built in one day, either. Everything takes time. As long as you keep on working with a good mindset, success will come… Most of the people that are here were the best player on their team. Some of these guys aren’t used to losing, so you’ve got to say ‘Just keep rolling. We can change it. The season is far from over.’ It’s exciting to get out there and get back to work. Don’t be discouraged; just keep going.”

On calming down after first game:

“Don’t tell him I said this, but I just ignored [outside linebackers coach Chris Rumph]. I just take his coaching points, but I ignore all the yelling because I like to stay focused and calm… I just like to stay calm and focused on the task at hand.”

On what he’ll do when he gets his first sack:

“Oh, there will be a celebration, but hopefully Coach Pruitt doesn’t get mad at me…but I’ve been working on my moves.”

On who his biggest mentor on the team is:

“Darrell Taylor is like my big brother. I wish I had more time with him, honestly. He taught me so much.”

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