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Video: Pruitt, Vol Players Discuss Win Over Vandy

Photo by Jake Nichols/RTI

For three-straight years, Vanderbilt had bragging rights over Tennessee’s football program. That finally came to an end on Saturday night.

The Vols improved to 7-5 overall and 5-3 in SEC play with a 28-10 victory over the Commodores in Neyland Stadium on Saturday, ending their three-game losing streak to Vanderbilt in the process. Tennessee running back Eric Gray broke the true freshman rushing record with 246 yards and three touchdowns against the Commodores, ripping off touchdown runs of 56 and 94 yards. His 246 yards on the ground were the fifth-most in a single game in UT history, and his 94-yard run is the second-longest in program history as well.

Tennessee’s defense once again played well, holding the Commodores to under 280 yards of offense and only 4.2 yards per play. If not for an early interception that gifted Vanderbilt with really good field position in UT territory, the Vols might’ve been able to hold Vandy to just one score on the night.

With the win, Tennessee’s turnaround from a 1-4 start is complete. The Vols have now won five-straight games and six of their last seven contests, and UT looks destined for a Florida bowl game.

After the game, head coach Jeremy Pruitt and several of his players spoke with the media about the win, how far Tennessee has come, Eric Gray’s performance, and much more.

Here’s everything Jeremy Pruitt had to say after the game:

Now, check out our full post-game videos of Tennessee’s players as well.

Full video of running back Eric Gray, center Brandon Kennedy, and safety Nigel Warrior:

Full video of offensive lineman Trey Smith:

Full video of linebacker Henry To’o To’o, wide receiver Marquez Callaway, and defensive lineman Matthew Butler:

Full video of linebacker Daniel Bituli:

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