No. 12 Tennessee defeated Colorado 56-47 in its season-opener on Tuesday night behind a strong defensive performance.

Here’s everything Barnes had to say following the win:

On what changed over the final 10 minutes of the first half:

“Well, I thought that once we were trying to figure out some substitution patterns, which we knew going into the game tonight that it was the first time we have had our team on the same bench. We talked about it long and hard trying to figure out what would be the best chance to give every guy a chance to play well when he went out there. We definitely lost some of our rhythm. We started having some defensive breakdowns where we were in some situations on the other end and we turned the ball over a little bit trying to do too much I thought. They went zone and I don’t think that’s what Tad (Boyle) wanted to do. But he was going to stay into it until we hurt it and we never really did it. We wanted to get the ball in the middle, the way we have always done with it. I thought once we started missing those shots, we had guys who were really hesitant to shoot the shots that we need to take. I thought it affected us on the defensive end a little bit where we got back on our heels. You know they are going to make a run. They are too good of a team. We came out and we got our transition game going and we were running and doing a lot of good things. Once we started our substitute pattern that we have had not had one bit of practice doing, I thought that caught up with us. That is to take nothing away from them at all because I thought it was really smart move from him to go zone. We haven’t had enough days since we were shut down to spend as much time on our zone offense as we have previously because we got shut down ourselves. We weren’t sharp there and we got very hesitant. That is something I am not really concerned about. My biggest concern still would be the fact we didn’t rebound the ball the way we have to to be the team we want to be. That is probably the biggest disappointment. We didn’t rebound the ball the way we need to.”