Ben McKee

Ben McKee

We take a final look back at the Auburn game and track why the Vols were able to have success on offense and what the defense did differently as well.

UT quarterback Jarrett Guarantano had a career day on Saturday against Auburn, and the win "meant the world" to him and his teammates.

The Vols are learning how to fight through adversity and come together as a team this year, and they're "not giving up" this season.

We take a final look back at the Vols' 38-12 loss to No. 2 Georgia and see how often the Vols got good protection, how often they got pressure, and more.

According to two of Tennessee's third-year players, the Vols are "starting to actually beocme one" and are focusing on improving during the bye week.

As he enters his second season at the helm of Tennessee's baseball team, Tony Vitello is focused on seeing incremental growth and the culture solidifying.

We took a look at the film, and we share our final thoughts from the Vols' 47-21 loss to Florida in Neyland Stadium on Saturday.

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