Everything Jeremy Pruitt said after Vols’ loss to Texas A&M

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    Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt met with the media following Tennessee’s 34-13 loss to No. 5 Texas A&M to discuss what went wrong on senior day.

    Pruitt addressed whether or not Tennessee is under NCAA investigation, why Eric Gray was unavailable, how he would assess this season, why UT’s defense struggled, the performance of Harrison Bailey and J.T. Shrout, and if the Vols would accept a bowl bid.

    Here’s everything Pruitt had to say:

    Opening Statement:

    “You know first off, just got to kind of tip your hat to Texas A&M. They got a good football team. They were able to run the football, they were able to convert first downs. They kept us from making explosive plays. Eliminated our run game. Eliminated the time of possession, which eliminated a lot of the opportunities for our guys. It just kind of squeezed us out. Couldn’t get off the field on third down and couldn’t create enough momentum offensively. Had negative plays on the three sacks, that hurt us. You just have to give them credit. They have a good football team.

    “I think when you look at this season, first thing is just really our administration and our medical staff, just being able to have a season. I said it to the team in there, coming back on June 8, these guys didn’t know what we were getting into. But the courage that they had, just kind of the want to or the will to, to keep keeping on. I thought it said a whole lot about these guys. I think there were a whole lot of lessons for everybody to learn during this whole time.

    “Really appreciate our fans coming and supporting us. I know it means a lot to everybody involved in the organization. It’s been an unusual year, but for these guys there is something they can hold their head up about. It looked like when this season started that we weren’t going to have college football. And when the momentum started, I think it says a lot about our players sticking with it and everybody in the SEC. Really kind of keeping college football going.”