On where the game began to get away from Tennessee:

“With the guys that started the game. The very first play of the game, scouting report, they were going out of bounds underneath. Going to throw the ball in, post John Fulkerson up. They were disorganized. The referee laid the ball down. We’ve already picked up a water bottle from underneath the basket. They go there, then he goes down. Early in the game, shot-clock violation, where everybody has to know that. Obviously we’re yelling from the bench. We always call it with five seconds. But there’s not one guy that started the game that was productive. Then we go to the bench, not great production there either, obviously.But we got exactly what we deserved.

“We knew they were going to come out with a lot of emotion. We knew they were going to play hard, they were going to drive the ball hard. We knew they were going to put us in spread pick-and-roll a lot. We knew that. But the rebounding, to start the game, that’s where John (Fulkerson) and Yves (Pons), Josiah (Jordan James), those guys again, (Florida) just crushed us on the boards. I mean, 11 (offensive) rebounds early in the game that they made something out of. Then offensively we missed some shots. Still, we just weren’t very good. Just really disappointed.

“I can tell you this, I don’t know what it’s going to be, but I will change our lineup. It will be changed, because I’m not going to let anybody take anything for granted, thinking hey we’re just going to walk out there and play and show up and think we’re good enough. That’s what I felt tonight. I don’t want to take anything away from Florida and Mike White because they’ve had a hard year with a lot of different things that have gone on. They deserved to win the game from the start to the finish. But I’m not going to watch us do this. I felt like we had too many guys that felt like, OK, I’ve got to play.

“I was proud of Ticket (Davonte Gaines). I mean, I think he ended up being our leading rebounder. I thought those guys at the end tried to do some things. Just disappointing when you have guys that you expect to do some things and it doesn’t happen. From the get-go, that’s the most disappointing thing.”