On teams having success from three to start games recently:

“You have to give them credit for it obviously. I think it was what got South Carolina playing well. I think most teams when they start making some of those threes it gives them some confidence and I don’t think it was any question that span of the game was if you really break it down, that was a big part of the game because they made some threes. Some of them were tougher than others, but they made them. On the other hand, at that point in time, we could not really buy one. But I do know if there was anything to do other than—like I said the other night, there were some breakdowns in our scouting report. I don’t think we got back in the way we wanted to in terms of getting our feet set and ready to play a defender coming at you one-on-one with the ability to pull up or step back and coming off some screens. Again, they still made the shot regardless of what we did or didn’t do.”