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5 Tips When Betting On The Tennessee Vols

In November 2020, online sports betting was formally introduced in Tennessee which opened the doors for major sportsbook operators such as FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM to begin offering their mobile sportsbook apps

Since then, operators and sports fans haven’t looked back. In October 2021, Tennessee set a record high in monthly wagering with $375M in bets, which shattered the previous month’s total by $255M. 

Currently, there are four legal online sportsbooks in Tennessee: Tennessee Action 24/7, BetMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings. These operators got a leg up on their competitors by moving forward with the application process early. 

Time will tell if more sportsbooks penetrate the Tennessee market, but one thing is for sure: There’s no shortage of betting options for Tennessee Vol fans. Betting on Tennessee sports is now more convenient than ever, and before you place your next bet on the Vols, be sure to check our five betting tips below. 

Learn About Wager Types

It should go without saying but before you place your first sports bet you should make sure you have the necessary understanding of the various types of sports bets available. 

The most common bets available for both Tennessee football and basketball are the moneyline, point spread, and the total (or over/under). A moneyline bet means you are placing a wager on the team to win outright. A point spread bet allows you to wager on how many points a team will win or lose by. If you bet the favorite, you’ll see a minus sign next to the points. There will be a plus sign next to the underdog. And lastly, the over/under or total bet is a wager on the total combined score. 

It is worth noting that you should also take time to research any line movement, particularly with the point spread and over/under. If you see spreads and totals change it could mean that sportsbooks are adjusting odds based on injuries, public betting trends, large bets from professionals, and/or a myriad of other factors such as weather, etc. Learning the basics will ensure you limit your mistakes and have the necessary information needed to give yourself the best chance to win your bets.

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Monitor Betting Trends

Looking at recent betting trends is another tip that we strongly suggest. It’s true that previous outcomes have no bearing on future outcomes, however, if you look closely at the Vols’ performance over their past several games, seasons, or head-to-head matchups you might find yourself identifying statistical trends that may help you decide on your bet. 

For instance, you might find that the Tennessee men’s basketball team is averaging a certain amount of points over the last few games, which is different from a previous stretch of the season and it could help you decide on their likelihood to hit the over (or under) in a particular game versus a particular opponent. 

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Research the Latest Injury Reports

One critical aspect of sports betting is researching the latest injury reports. Oftentimes the betting line can swing one way or another based on one key injury. 

When betting on Tennessee football, you will likely have to monitor the injury report throughout the week as teams only play once a week and things change rapidly from Sunday to Saturday. The same is true with the Vols’ basketball team. It’s not uncommon for the team to list a player as a game-time decision in basketball and the update will more than likely go out within an hour before tip-off. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Place a Prop Bet

Another way to bet on the Tennessee Vols is through prop bets or proposition bets. These bet types are wagers on a particular player or outcome. 

For example, you can bet if a particular Tennessee Vols player will score a touchdown in a game or if a wide receiver will eclipse a certain amount of receiving yards. It’s helpful to study upcoming matchups and look back on your betting trends research before you decide on prop bets. 

In general, sportsbooks list a fair amount of prop bets that are statistically unlikely to occur. However, they do mix an equal number of interesting prop bets that are favorable, or more likely to occur. 

Shop Around for Favorable Lines

One perk of sports betting in Tennessee is that you have options. Each sportsbook in Tennessee is unique in terms of how many wager types they offer and how they determine their lines.

Overall, you shouldn’t see drastic line movement among Tennessee Vol football or basketball games as all sportsbooks leverage the insights of highly qualified professionals to set the lines. However, it’s certainly worth shopping around by checking all of the legal sportsbooks available to you as a Tennessee sports bettor. Why limit yourself to just one choice?  

By shopping around, you may luck out and find a prop bet that is only listed at one sportsbook or find that one sportsbook has a different points spread line or over/under as lines consistently change up until game time. 

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