WATCH: Peyton Manning Hilariously Grades Madden NFL Players

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    There’s no question about it, Madden NFL is one of the most successful video game franchises there is. According to Rookie Road, Madden is the best-selling video game franchise in the United States and is the second highest-selling video game franchise in the world behind FIFA.

    Besides the on-screen video game itself, there have always been plenty of storylines around Madden.

    How about the Madden cover curse? Ask Peyton Hillis, Rob Gronkowski, or Drew Brees about that one. While it doesn’t happen to everyone, there are several instances of players having down/injured years following being on the cover of Madden.

    How about the Madden ratings though? These players in Madden have a rating from 1 to 100 in a ton of different categories, ranging from speed to strength to overall rating to every other category one can think of. On occasion, there are times when an NFL player isn’t too pleased with their rating in a certain category. Maybe a player doesn’t like their catch-in-traffic rating or their tackling rating. Well, that’s when the Madden grading officials step into the frame.

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    Each week, Madden has representatives that can change the individual ratings based on what they see. That’s where VFL Peyton Manning, and his son Marshall Manning, come into play.

    During a Broncos home game in December, the Manning duo put on their Madden Rating caps and went to work. And it was absolutely hilarious.

    Below is the video of Peyton Manning and his son Marshall going through and changing the ratings with the Broncos’ players. Watch as the Manning’s interact with Teddy Bridgewater, Derwin James, Courtland Sutton, and even Miles the Broncos’ mascot to investigate the ratings.

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