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Rick Barnes Named New Chair Of NCAA Rules Committee, Emphasis On Flopping

Tennessee head basketball coach Rick Barnes is the new head of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Committee, the NCAA released in a statement on potential rule changes Thursday.

The rules committee will make proposals for rule changes that then must be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel. The panel plans on discussing men’s basketball rule changes on June 9.

The NCAA released statement details a handful of potential rule proposals, but none more important than flopping. The statement claims the committee is looking in to accessing a technical foul without warning for players who flop during a game.

Here is how the NCAA currently defines flopping.

“Faking being fouled (flopping) on block/charge plays, on attempted tries on field goal attempts or using any other tactics such as a “head bob,” which might incorrectly lead an official to believe that a foul has been committed.”

Barnes has spoken about both the challenges and the flaws of referees calling block/charges in the past year — especially following Tennessee’s loss at Arkansas when questionable charge calls sidelined Vol guards Kennedy Chandler and Santiago Vescovi with foul trouble.

“I know it’s a hard call,” Barnes said following the loss. “From the referees standpoint I know they would tell you it’s one of the toughest calls, but that’s the one they have to study, study, study. When a guy leaves his feet he’s got a chance to come down and you can’t slide in at the end. … You have to play on, but does it affect them? Of course it does. I hope I feel different after watching the tape because I know how I feel right now about it. I really do hope I feel different after seeing the film.”

The seventh-year head coach did not feeling differently after watching the film, but used his next media appearance to discuss the challenges of the call.

This technical foul flop rule was proposed last offseason, but coaches didn’t vote to approve it, afraid of the technical foul being misused.

Other potential rule changes mentioned in the release include allowing players and coaches to watch live and pre loaded video on sidelines and the addition of a fifth media timeout each half. If a fifth media timeout is added, broadcasts won’t go to commercials when teams call timeouts themselves.

Barnes joked about his inclusion on the rules committee this season when discussing a loophole Florida coach Mike White exploited

“Mike White made one of the smartest moves I’ve ever seen in my life as a coach, they gave him the ball and he told him to check it,” Barnes said following the Vols’ win over Florida. ” That’s a good one, got a free timeout. Drew up agreat play and got a 3-point play. Never seen that done in my life, that’s a really smart basketball play.”

“It will be addressed by the rules committee, I assure you,” Barnes joked of the timeout, quick to add that he is on the rules committee.

Barnes is looking to complete Tennessee’s 2022-23 roster as the Vols still have four scholarships available to use.

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  1. Why is South Carolina Women Basketball Team is allowed to talk to official and get other teams to get called for fouls but they don’t. If you go all the way back to when the tournament started you would see them fouling and not being called for it, but if the other team commit the same foul on them they get called for it and it is continuing still and it needs to stop.

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