Retired NFL QB Calls Peyton Manning the ‘Greatest Quarterback to Ever Live’

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    It’s nearly impossible to misinterpret the latest statement from NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick talking about VFL Peyton Manning.

    On this week’s edition of The Adam Schefter Podcast, Fitzpatrick joined up with Schefter to talk about all things NFL-related. With Fitzpatrick being a former quarterback himself, the topic of current and former quarterbacks in the league was present the entire time.

    “My favorite quarterback that I got to play against was Peyton Manning,” Fitzpatrick said near the end of the show. “Peyton had that. The laser focus and everything else. I think Peyton [Manning] is the greatest quarterback to ever live.”

    Interestingly enough, the statement came immediately after a conversation about Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. Fitzpatrick then went on to compare the two legendary players.

    “I think Peyton is the greatest quarterback to ever live,” Fitzpatrick said. “And I think Tom Brady is the greatest champion. But I do think that Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback to ever live.”

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    Schefter followed up by asking Fitzpatrick why he thinks that Manning is the best to ever do it.

    “I think everything,” Fitzpatrick said about Manning. “Everything that dude did, he just did with so much intent. He changed the game with how he approached it from the mental side with all the things they were doing in Indianapolis. I’m sure you remember the games at the RCA Dome when it was so quiet when he was on offense and so loud when they were out there on defense. But, to have control and command in every aspect of the game, like he did, he was the most impressive I ever saw.”

    A little “FitzMagic” for Tennessee fans this week.

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