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WATCH: Tennessee Commit Freddie Dilione’s Highlights Will Surely Impress

The Tennessee basketball team received its second commit to their class of 2023 on Tuesday in combo wing Freddie Dilione.

According to 247 Sports, Dilione lists as a four-star player and is ranked as the No. 87 prospect in the country and the No. 16 player at his position.

Standing at 6-foot-4, Dilione is a long, athletic, and agile guard that isn’t afraid to put his head down and play with physicality. Dilione has a solid first step off the dribble and does a nice job using his size to his advantage against other mismatched guards.

Dilione has the size to use power and aggression against smaller guards when driving, yet still maintains enough finesse and handling to put the moves on bigger players that get switched out to him on the perimeter.

The Word of God Christian Academy guard has a fast-releasing jump shot that can be hit from the perimeter down to the elbow and looks to be a tremendous finisher around the rim. Dilione has the ability to contort his body and release the ball at different heights to evade oncoming defenders while moving downhill toward the rim.

Freddie Dilione has the type of game that is becoming more and more successful in the modern NBA. An oversized guard, around 6-foot-4 to 6-foot-6, who can handle the ball from the top of the key. When driving, their size and handling give them enough ability to get to the hoop or cut on a dime to spin around for a fadeaway. The variety is an excellent addition that makes the on-ball defender’s job significantly tougher.

Check out some of the highlights for four-star wing/guard and Tennessee commit Freddie Dilione.

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