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Step-By-Step Guide to Tennessee Digital Tickets (With Pictures)

Tennessee tickets

Tennessee is moving to a digital-only ticketing system with all sports, including football, in the 2022 academic year.

While this may seem like an overwhelming switch to some, the process will be made much easier and quicker with this system. The good part about digital ticketing is that once you figure it out once, you have it down, and it shouldn’t be an issue again.

There are two important topics to this conversation with one being a necessity and the other being a recommendation in the highest order. The necessity is to download the “Tennessee Athletics” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play app store. The strong recommendation is that spectators use the “Apple Wallet” or “Google Wallet” features on their smartphones.

“Our fans need to download the Tennessee Athletics app,” a Tennessee spokesperson said on Tuesday. “In the top left corner, they are going to hit the menu button. Click on ‘My Tickets’. They will see all of their tickets within that area, and parking. When they show up on gameday, we encourage everyone to go ahead and put their tickets in their [digital] wallet. This is going to be the easiest way for that to work. If they have connectivity issues, if their phone isn’t working, if their phone is in airplane mode, [the ticket] will still work if it is inside of the [digital] wallet.”

For anyone that has used the “tap to pay” feature at a gas station or store, this is the same type of concept.

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There have immediately been worries from fans about connectivity issues near and around the stadium impacting the use of the app. That’s where the digital wallet comes in. Once a ticket is saved to your digital wallet, it is good to go and can always be accessed immediately. PRO TIP: Don’t wait until the last minute to put your ticket into your digital wallet! Go ahead and do it the day before the game or before leaving for the game to save the hassle.

Below are step-by-step instructions, with pictures, on how to access your Tennessee ticket, or parking ticket, and put them into your digital wallet. There are also instructions on how fans are going to enter Neyland Stadium at the end.

Step 1 – Create An Account/Sign In on the Ticketmaster app and then sign into the Tennessee Athletics App using the same login information.

*Steps 2-8 are to be done after a ticket has been purchased*

Step 2: Open the Tennessee Athletics App and click the menu button in the top left corner.

Step 3: Click on “My Tickets”

Step 4: Find/select the ticket for the desired game that you are attending. Tickets for each game, as well as purchased parking options, will be displayed here. (The example only shows parking ticketing)

Step 5: Once you find the desired game, click it. This will then take you to a screen with the ticket/parking ticket. Then click “Add to Apple Wallet” or “Add to Google Wallet”.

Step 6: Add the ticket to your Apple Wallet/Google Wallet upon review.

Step 7: Open your smartphone’s digital wallet app. In the case of an iPhone, you will see a number of different “cards” depending on your use of the app. One of those “cards” will have the Tennessee Athletics logo. Click it.

Step 8: Your ticket and/or parking pass should now be registered permanently in your Apple/Google wallet. Each ticket in the wallet will have a unique QR code that will be able to be scanned at the ticket entry points of Neyland Stadium.

Entering Neyland Stadium

Tennessee has installed 88 hands-free ticket scanners around the entry points of Neyland Stadium to speed up the process of getting fans inside the stadium.

In the past, a stadium worker would often use a device to scan your ticket, whether it be physical or digital, before sending you on your way. The same is now true at Tennessee except that the scanners are now on individual kiosks and all tickets will be digital.

When a spectator walks up to the scanner, all they will need to do is either scan the barcode inside of the Tennessee Athletics app OR by going into the wallet and find the ticket with the QR code. Once you scan either the barcode or the QR code, the kiosk will light up green and you will be permitted to enter Neyland Stadium. For the most speed going through the line, it is recommended to have your wallet app or Tennessee Athletics barcode ready to go in line.


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