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Updates, Score, Notes: Lipscomb @ No. 2 Tennessee Baseball

Tennessee Baseball at the 2023 season home opener. Photo by Rocky Top Insider/Ric Butler.

Tennessee Baseball (14-3) is set to take on Lipscomb (5-11) in Lindsey Nelson Stadium on Tuesday at 5 p.m. ET for a midweek battle. Tennessee won the 2022 meeting, 5-1, in Knoxville on April 5.

The Vols are looking to win their fourth straight in their final game of a 15-game home-stand, as Tennessee recently swept Morehead State in a three-game series.

SEC play begins this weekend for Tennessee when they travel to play a three-game series against Missouri.

First pitch in Knoxville was originally set for 6:30 p.m. ET but was move up to 5. SECN+ has the call for the game. Reminder that the online broadcasts can be accessed on any mobile device through WatchESPN. WatchESPN can be accessed through the ESPN App, or online at

Check out all of RTI’s baseball coverage from the past week below.

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Lineups, pitching matchup and additional pre-game notes are below.

Starting Lineups


SS Maui Ahuna

2B Christian Moore

CF Jared Dickey

3B Zane Denton

LF Griffin Merritt

DH Dylan Dreiling

1B Hunter Ensley

RF Kavares Tears

C Cal Stark

Lineup Notes:

–Stark returns to the starting lineup at catcher for the first time in five games.

–Tears starting his fourth consecutive game, Dreiling continuing to see fairly consistent starting time.

–Blake Burke rest day. Hunter Ensley will start at first.


SS Caleb Ketchup

LF Jake Berg

1B Mason Lundgrin

CF Alex Vergara

3B Trace Willhoite

DH Austin Kelly

C Chaz Bertolani

RF Parks Bouck

2B Alec Gonzalez

Pitching Matchup

Vols Jr. LHP Zander Sechrist (0-0, 0.93 ERA, 9.2 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 9 K, 1 HR)


Lipscomb LHP Noah Thompson (2-0, 2.31 ERA, 11.2 IP, 8 H, 4 R, 3 ER, 3 BB, 13 K, 1 HR)


1st Inning: 


-Caleb Ketchup singles through the left side.

-Jake Berg singles through the right side. Ketchup advances second.

-Mason Lundgrin strikes out looking.

-Alex Vergara flies out to RF. Ketchup advances to third.

-Trace Willhoite grounds out to SS.

End of Top Half.


-Maui Ahuna is walked on a full count.

-Ahuna picked off at first.

-Christian Moore strikes out looking.

-Jared Dickey flies out to LF.

End of Bottom Half.

Score: Vols 0, Bisons 0

2nd Inning: 


-Austin Kelly grounds out to 1b unassisted.

-Chaz Bertolani strikes out swinging.

-Parks Bouck singles on a bunt.

-Bouck steals second.

-Alec Gonzalez strikes out swinging.

End of Top Half.


*Pitching change: RHP Chandler Giles on to pitch for Noah Thompson*

-Zane Denton grounds out to SS.

-Griffin Merritt strikes out swinging.

-Dylan Dreiling is walked on four pitches.

-Hunter Ensley crushes a two-run home run to left field porches.

-Kavares Tears doubles to right field.

-Cal Stark is walked.

*Pitching change: RHP Collin Witzke on to pitch for Giles*

-Maui Ahuna homers to left field for a three-run shot.

-Christian Moore grounds out to SS.

End of Bottom Half.

Score: Vols 5, Bisons 0

3rd Inning: 


*Jr. RHP Zach Joyce on to pitch for Zander Sechrist*

-Ketchup strikes out swinging.

-Berg doubles to RF.

-Lundgrin out at first 1b to p. Berg advances to third.

-Vergara is walked.

-Vergara steals second.

-Willhoite strikes out swinging.

End of Top Half.


-Jared Dickey is walked on a full count.

-Zane Denton flies out to LF.

-Griffin Merritt strikes out looking. Dickey steals second.

*Pitching change: LHP Joey Mitchell on to pitch for Witzke*

-Dylan Dreiling strikes out swinging.

End of Bottom Half.

Score: Vols 5, Bisons 0

4th Inning: 


-Austin Kelly singles to RF.

-Bertolani is walked. Kelly advances to second.

-Parks Bouck infield fly to 3B.

*Hayden Skipper pinch-hitting for Alec Gonzalez*

*Aaron Combs on to pitch for Zach Joyce*

-Skipper flies out to RF.

-Ketchup is walked. Bertolani advances to second.

-Berg strikes out looking to strand the bases loaded.

End of Top Half.


-Ensley pops up to 2B.

-Tears flies out to CF.

-Cal Stark doubles to right center.

*Christian Scott pinch-running for Stark*

-Maui Ahuna lays down an RBI single to SS. Scott scores.

-Christian Moore singles to LF. Ahuna advances to second.

-Jared Dickey grounds out 1b to p.

End of Bottom Half.

Score: Vols 6, Bisons 0

5th Inning: 


-Lundgrin strikes out swinging.

-Vergara reaches on a throwing error by Denton. Ensley could’ve also made a better play.

-Willhoite fouls out to 1b.

-Austin Kelly strikes out swinging.

End of Top Half.


*Pitching change: RHP Tyler Legere on to pitch for Mitchell*

-Zane Denton drills a leadoff double to right center on the first pitch.

-Griffin Merritt flies out to RF.

-Dylan Dreiling homers to right field for a two-run shot.

-Hunter Ensley grounds out to SS.

*Houghton on to pitch for Legere*

-Charlie Taylor is walked on four pitches.

-Christian Scott is walked. Taylor advances to second.

-Maui Ahuna strikes out swinging.

End of Bottom Half.

Score: Vols 8, Bisons 0

6th Inning: 


*So. LHP Jacob Bimbi (0-0, 3.37 ERA) on to pitch for Combs*

-Bertolani flies out to RF.

-Pouck grounds out to 3B.

-Skipper strikes out swinging.

End of Top Half.


*Pitching change: RHP Evan Harmon on to pitch for Houghton*

-Christian Moore singles up the middle.

-Jared Dickey cranks an RBI double to right center to score Moore.

-Zane Denton flies out to CF. Dickey advances to third.

-Griffin Merritt doubles to right field to score Dickey.

*Kyle Booker pinch-running for Merritt*

-Dylan Dreiling strikes out swinging.

-Hunter Ensley flies out to RF.

End of Bottom Half. 

Score: Vols 10, Bisons 0

7th Inning: 


*Jr. LHP Jake Fitzgibbons (2-0, 3.60 ERA) on to pitch for Bimbi*

-Caleb Ketchup is walked.

-Berg grounds into a 4-6-3 double play.

-Lundgrin grounds out to 3B.

End of Top Half.


*Pitching change: RHP Alex Brewer on to pitch for Harmon*

-Charlie Taylor flies out to CF.

-Christian Scott flies out to LF.

-Maui Ahuna flies out to LF.

End of Bottom Half.

Score: Vols 10, Bisons 0

8th Inning: 


*Fr. RHP AJ Russell (0-0, 1.17 ERA) on to pitch for Fitzgibbons*

-Vergara strikes out looking.

-Willhoite strikes out looking.

-Austin Kelly is walked on four pitches.

-Kelly steals second.

-Bertolani strikes out looking.

End of Top Half.


*Pitching change: LHP Hayden Frank on to pitch for Brewer*

-Logan Chambers strikes out swinging.

-Jake Kendro strikes out looking.

*Reese Chapman pinch-hitting for Zane Denton*

-Chapman strikes out swinging.

End of Bottom Half.

Score: Vols 10, Bisons 0

9th Inning: 


*Jr. RHP Hollis Fanning on to pitch for Russell*

-Will Lee strikes out swinging.

-Hetherington grounds out to SS.

-Coppedge strikes out looking.

FINAL: Tennessee Vols 10, Lipscomb Bisons 0

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