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How the Fans Are Projecting Hendon Hooker’s NFL Draft Spot

Hendon Hooker
Where will Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker land in the NFL Draft? Graphic by RTI.

With the NFL Draft starting on Thursday night, Rocky Top Insider has been interacting with the fans on social media to get the pulse of the fanbase in regards to quarterback Hendon Hooker.

The two-year Tennessee quarterback has been one of the most talked about players in the entire draft this offseason. Despite having ACL surgery in November and not being able to work out on the field in draft prep, Hooker has still gained the attention and respect of several front offices, scouts, and media members across the landscape.

“I love Hendon Hooker as well,” CBS Sports analyst Robert Turbin said in the week leading up to the draft. “I love his precision, his poise, his accuracy. Fellas, Hendon Hooker is the second-best quarterback in this draft! What are we talking about here? Why aren’t we talking about Hendon Hooker more in this draft? He’s even better than CJ Stroud in my opinion!”

According to the oddsmakers, the top three teams with the best odds to draft Hendon Hooker this week are the Vikings (+500), the Titans (+600), and the Raiders (+600). Because of that, we put those three teams as the options in each poll with a fourth “Other” option with the ability to write in votes.

Note: While not listed in the poll results below, the “other” category had the second-largest percentage of votes on Facebook and Instagram.

While the prompt was to select who you think will draft Hendon Hooker, it’s no surprise that plenty of fans likely voted under the response of where they want Hooker to end up. And considering the in-state NFL team is on this list, the Titans ended up as the runaway pick in all three of RTI’s polls on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Titans will have the No. 11, No. 41, and No. 72 overall picks in the draft this year. It’s highly unlikely that Hooker will still be on the board past 50, though. At the very max.

The Vikings were the most common runner-up with more Minnesota fans responding to the poll than originally imagined. Only in the Twitter poll did the Vikings come close to the Titans’ number of respondents.

The Vikings will have the No. 23 and No. 87 overall picks this year.

With the poll being open to responses, there have been plenty of funny answers as well. Most notably, the “Please, Anywhere But…” category.

The teams that received a “please, anywhere but…” pick were the Dallas Cowboys, the Tennessee Titans, and the Las Vegas Raiders. Speaking of the Raiders, there was only one spam comment promoting football merchandise, and it was from a Raiders account. As if Vegas doesn’t have enough tourism spending already!

Anyways, without any further delay, here’s a look at how the voting has shaped out in the first day. We will keep this post updated daily. Not to mention, you still have the chance to vote in each poll! The links can be found below each graph and will be open until the start of the NFL Draft on Thursday night from Kansas City.

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Rocky Top Insider FaceBook Poll

  • 1. Tennessee Titans 50%
  • 2. Minnesota Vikings 14%
  • 3. Las Vegas Raiders 6%
  • 3. New Orleans Saints 6%
  • 4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3%
  • 5. Washington Commanders 2%
  • 6. Denver Broncos 1%
  • 6. Seattle Seahawks 1%
  • 6. Indianapolis Colts 1%
  • 6. Houston Texans 1%
Hendon Hooker
RTI FaceBook poll percentages regarding Hendon Hooker’s NFL Draft location.

Rocky Top Insider Instagram Poll

  • 1. Tennessee Titans – 55%
  • 2. Minnesota Vikings – 16%
  • 3. Las Vegas Raiders – 4%
  • 4. Dallas Cowboys – 3%
  • 4. Seattle Seahawks – 3%
  • 5. Carolina Panthers – 1%
  • 5. New Orleans Saints – 1%
  • 5. Washington Commanders – 1%
  • 5. Indianapolis Colts – 1%
Hendon Hooker
RTI Instagram poll percentages regarding Hendon Hooker’s NFL Draft location.

Rocky Top Insider Twitter Poll

  • 1. Tennessee Titans 44%
  • 2. Minnesota Vikings 34%
  • 3. Other 17%
  • 4. Las Vegas Raiders 5%
Hendon Hooker
RTI Twitter poll percentages regarding Hendon Hooker’s NFL Draft location.

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