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Tennessee Forced into ‘Offensive Tutoring’ in Latest SEC Shorts Skit

SEC Shorts
Tennessee fans are frantic in a 2022 SEC Shorts sketch. Photo via SEC Shorts on YouTube.

Tennessee is one of two teams front and center in the latest SEC Shorts skit on Monday morning.

And, after propping up Tennessee throughout the 11-win run during 2022, the Vols’ coaching decisions were part of the joke this week.

The video from SEC Shorts shows both Tennessee and Alabama’s characters receiving “offensive tutoring” after failing to get the offenses rolling through three weeks. The skit then has the Tennessee character try to “snap a play” during a 25-second clock.

“We usually wait around until the clock hits 10 to get the play in,” the Tennessee character said as the clock ticked down.

As the clock continued to get closer and closer to zero, the Alabama character yelled to take a timeout.

“I can’t! I’ve only got one timeout left and I’ve got to save it for the bench-clearing brawl with the game already out of reach!”

Well played, SEC Shorts.

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SEC Shorts routinely puts out great content after each week of the college football season with an obvious emphasis on the Southeastern Conference.

Here’s a look at some of the other videos that SEC Shorts has done before and during the 2023 college football season.

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