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LIVE Updates, Score, Notes: No. 9 Tennessee Baseball vs. UAlbany Series Finale

Photo via Tennessee Athletics

SCORE: Vols 12, Great Danes 0 | FINAL (7 inn. – Run-Rule)

Ninth-ranked Tennessee baseball (6-1) is hosting UAlbany baseball (0-2) Sunday in Lindsey Nelson Stadium in game three of a three-game weekend series. Tennessee won the series opener, 8-5, on Friday and throttled the Great Danes, 21-6, on Saturday.

This weekend’s series marks the first for the Vols this season, as they opened their season in the Shriners Children’s College Showdown in Arlington against three different teams. The Vols clinched the series with Saturday’s win, and now they have a chance to earn their first series sweep of the season if they were to be victorious on Sunday.

First pitch for Sunday’s game is at 1:00 p.m. ET on SEC Network +. Reminder that the online broadcasts can be accessed on any mobile device through WatchESPN. WatchESPN can be accessed through the ESPN App, or online at

The Vols are looking to build off of a five-game winning streak and remain undefeated at home. Tennessee began the season 2-1 in Arlington after beating Texas Tech (6-2) and Baylor (11-5) but losing to Oklahoma (5-1; 10 innings). On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Vols swept their midweek contests against UNC Asheville (3-2) and ETSU (16-0).

UAlbany presented more of a challenge to Tennessee on Friday than anyone would have expected, but the Vols were able to flex their muscles on Saturday with a 21-run explosion. Depending on how much pitching the Great Danes have left, the series finale could be much more similar to Saturday than the series opener.

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Lineups, pitching matchup and additional pre-game notes are below.

Starting Lineups


2B Christian Moore (R)

1B Blake Burke (L)

3B Billy Amick (R)

CF Kavares Tears (L)

DH Cannon Peebles (S)

LF Robin Villeneuve (R)

RF Dalton Bargo (L)

SS Dean Curley (R)

C Cal Stark (R)

Lineup Notes:

  • Bargo gets his first OF start after having a great day on Saturday at the plate as DH.
  • Tears stays in center, Robin stays in left.
  • NO Ensley OR Dreiling today for the first time. Ensley also didn’t play on Saturday.
  • Moore continues to leadoff.
  • Fourth straight start for Curley at shortstop.
  • Cal Stark gets the nod behind the plate for the second time in the series. Peebles moves to DH.
  • Burke moves up the order after having a great series and in the absence of Dreiling.


1B Ryan Ferremi

3B Will Binder

LF Jared Toby

DH Mike Prisco

CF Luke Filippi

C Levi McAllister

SS Cooper Loyal

RF John Vitucci

2B Luke Myers

Pitching Matchup

Vols Sr. LHP Zander Sechrist (0-0, 13.50 ERA, 1 app., 1 start, 2.0 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 1 K, .444 opp. batting avg., 2.50 WHIP)


Great Danes RS-So. LHP Thomas Quinn (2023 stats: 1-2, 5.46 ERA, 15 app., 3 starts, 29.2 IP, 41 H, 22 R, 18 ER, 15 BB, 26 K, .323 opp. batting avg., 1.89 WHIP)

Pitching notes:

  • Sechrist gets the nod on Sunday for a second straight week. We’ll see if he can rebound after a forgettable 2024 debut.
  • Expect to see RHP Nate Snead out of the bullpen today, potentially in another extended outing.
  • Freshmen Matthew Dallas, Derek Schaefer could see some work, as well as sophomore Andrew Behnke and JuCo transfer Marcus Phillips.

Tennessee: Sunday creams

UAlbany: Yellow tops, grey bottoms

*NOTE* There IS a run-rule today. If Tennessee leads by 10 runs in the middle of the seventh inning, the game is OVER.


1st Inning: 


-Ryan Ferremi strikes out swinging.

-Will Binder singles to RF.

-Jared Toby grounds into a 4-6-3 double play. Nice play by Moore as it was a hard-hit grounder.



-Christian Moore works a leadoff walk on a full count.

Moore advances to second on a balk.

Moore advances to third on a wild pitch.

-Blake Burke is walked.

-Billy Amick knocks a hard-hit ground ball (105 mph off the bat) to 2B, and he’s out at first. Nice play by the second baseman to stop it. Burke advances to second. Moore scores on the RBI groundout.

-Kavares Tears is hit hard by a pitch. Up high on the back.

-Cannon Peebles reaches on a fielder’s choice to 3B. Burke out at third. Tears advances to second.

-Robin Villeneuve is walked to load the bases.

-Dalton Bargo ropes a two-run single off the right field wall, but he’s thrown out at second as he tries to turn it into a double. Tears and Peebles scored. Villeneuve stranded at third.


Score: Vols 3, Great Danes 0

2nd Inning: 


-Mike Prisco strikes out swinging.

-Luke Filippi grounds out to SS.

-Levi McAllister strikes out swinging.



-Dean Curley grounds out to 3B.

-Cal Stark grounds out to SS.

-Christian Moore grounds out to SS.


Score: Vols 3, Great Danes 0

3rd Inning: 


*Pitching change: So. RHP Nate Snead (1-0, 3.60 ERA) on to pitch for Sechrist*

Zander Sechrist final line: 2.0 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 BB, 3 K, 15 strikes on 23 total pitches against six batters

-Cooper Loyal grounds out to SS.

-John Vitucci strikes out swinging.

-Luke Myers strikes out swinging.



-Blake Burke is walked on four pitches.

-Billy Amick flies out to CF. Another hard-hit ball from Amick (107 mph).

Burke steals second. 

-Kavares Tears ropes an RBI single deep into right field. Burke scores.

-Cannon Peebles flies out to CF.

*Pitching change: Fr. RHP Luke Boule (2024 debut) on to pitch for Quinn*

-Robin Villeneuve grounds into a fielder’s choice as Tears is out at second. Really nice play by UAlbany third baseman Will Binder, who has flashed the leather all series long.


Score: Vols 4, Great Danes 0

4th Inning: 


-Ryan Ferremi grounds out at first 1B to P.

-Will Binder grounds out to SS.

-Jared Toby strikes out swinging.



-Dalton Bargo drives a leadoff single into right field. Tennessee is making hard contact today as a team. That single was 107 mph off the bat.

Bargo caught stealing at second.

-Dean Curley is hit in the back of the head by an 88 mph fastball. Scary moment as Curley went straight to the ground and laid there for a while. Walked to the dugout under his own power, but Bradke Lohry is coming in to pinch run.

Lohry advances to second on a wild pitch.

-Cal Stark strikes out swinging.

-Christian Moore smacks an RBI single into left field to score Lohry.

Moore advances to second on a wild pitch.

-Blake Burke works a walk on a full count.

-Billy Amick grounds into a fielder’s choice at 3B as Moore is out at third. Two runners left stranded.


Score: Vols 5, Great Danes 0

5th Inning: 


*Moore to SS*

*Lohry to 2B*

-Mike Prisco flies out to the warning track in CF.

-Luke Filippi grounds out to 2B.

*Pitching change: Sr. LHP Kirby Connell (2024 debut) on to pitch for Snead*

Kirby comes out to a loud ovation here in LNS

-Levi McAllister grounds out to 3B. Nice pick by Burke as the throw was low.


Nate Snead final line: 2.2 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 3 K, 17 strikes on 23 total pitches against 8 batters

*Tennessee’s pitchers have faced the minimum through five innings*


*Pitching change: Sr. RHP Kyle Locklear (2024 debut) on to pitch for Boule*

-Kavares Tears grounds out to 3B.

-Cannon Peebles flies out to LF.

-Robin Villeneuve hits a moon shot solo home run to the left field porches. 45 degree launch angle. 110 mph off the bat. His second home run of the season.

-Dalton Bargo strikes out swinging.


Score: Vols 6, Great Danes 0

6th Inning: 


*Pitching change: So. LHP Andrew Behnke (0-0, 3.38 ERA) on to pitch for Connell*

-Cooper Loyal strikes out swinging.

-John Vitucci grounds out to 2B.

-Luke Myers strikes out swinging.


*Tennessee’s pitchers have faced the minimum through six innings*


-Bradke Lohry flies out to CF.

-Cal Stark is plunked.

-Christian Moore is walked.

-Blake Burke sends an RBI single through the right side to score Stark. 109 mph off the bat. Moore advances to third.

-Billy Amick strikes out swinging.

Moore scores on a wild pitch.

-Kavares Tears is walked. Burke advances to second.

*Wild pitch and ball four were the same pitch during Tears’ at-bat*

-Cannon Peebles works a walk. Bases loaded with two outs for Robin Villeneuve.

-Robin Villeneuve smokes a two-run double to the left field wall. Peebles could’ve also scored but stumbled after rounding third. Was still able to get back safely to third. Vols are now three outs away in the 7th from run-ruling UAlbany.

*Hunter Ensley pinch-hitting for Dalton Bargo*

*Pitching change: Fr. RHP Player Crosby (2024 debut) on to pitch for Locklear*

-Ensley is walked on four pitches. Bases loaded with two outs for Bradke Lohry.

-Lohry works a bases-loaded walk. Peebles scores.

*Alex Perry pinch-hitting for Cal Stark*

-Perry works a bases-loaded walk. Villeneuve scores.

*Colby Backus pinch-hitting for Christian Moore*

*Pitching change: Jr. RHP Kyle McCaffrey (2024 debut) on to pitch for Crosby*

-Backus strikes out swinging.


Score: Vols 12, Great Danes 0

7th Inning: 


*Pitching change: Fr. RHP Derek Schaefer (0-0, 5.40 ERA) on to pitch for Behnke*

*Backus to LF*

*Ensley to CF*

*Perry to 3B*

*Camden Bates to SS for Amick*

*Reese Chapman to RF for Villeneuve*

*Ethan Payne to 1B for Burke*

*Charlie Taylor to C for Tears*

-Ryan Ferremi flies out to LF.

-Will Binder is walked. First walk of the day given up by UT. Second baserunner. Vols had retired 16 straight and faced the minimum all game long. Still a double play away from facing the minimum.

-Jared Toby strikes out looking.

-Mike Prisco flies out to RF.


Score: Vols 12, Great Danes 0

FINAL: Tennessee Vols 12, UAlbany Great Danes 0

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