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LIVE Score, Updates, Score, Notes: No. 5 Tennessee Baseball vs. Georgia Game Two

Photo By Tennessee Athletics

SCORE: Tennessee 16, Georgia 11 | FINAL


Fifth-ranked Tennessee baseball (22-5, 3-4 SEC) is set to battle Georgia (22-4, 4-3 SEC) on Saturday evening in Lindsey Nelson Stadium in game two of a three-game weekend series. The Vols will aim to even the series after getting blown out in the series opener.

First pitch is at 5:00 p.m. ET, and it airs on the SEC Network. This game serves as the third televised game for Tennessee this season.

Reminder that the online broadcasts can be accessed on any mobile device through WatchESPN. WatchESPN can be accessed through the ESPN App, or online at You can also watch or listen to the game using the links.

Tennessee is entering Saturday’s contest coming off of their worst loss of the season, as Georgia bashed the Vols 16-2 in a seven-inning, run-rule victory on Friday in Lindsey Nelson Stadium. The loss was the first time Tennessee has gotten run-ruled in program history.

*Note: The run-rule has only existed for two seasons*

Tennessee’s loss dropped them a game below .500 in SEC play, as the Vols dropped two of three in their first SEC series against Alabama and won two of three against Ole Miss last weekend.

Tennessee’s two losses to Alabama came in games two and three of the series. Before the Vols’ back-to-back losses to the Tide, Tennessee had won 17 straight, including series sweeps over UAlbany, Bowling Green and Illinois along with wins over Kansas State and Baylor.

Tennessee will be looking to avenge last year’s series loss to Georgia this weekend, as the Bulldogs won games two and three in Athens last year. But to do that, Tennessee must bounce back in a big way after Friday night’s ugly loss.

The last time the two teams met in Knoxville was in 2022, when the Vols won two of three games (Friday and Saturday).

Injury Note

The Vols have been without star third baseman Billy Amick for the past two games, and he will miss the entire series against Georgia. The Clemson transfer is dealing with an appendix injury. Tennessee head coach Tony Vitello said  Amick playing this weekend “isn’t a reality,” but that he may be back next week when the Vols travel to Auburn.

“With Billy, I think it will be sooner than later but with the appendix situation he had to go all of a sudden, as anyone who’s dealt with that (knows) it’s an all of a sudden thing,” Vitello said. “Went to the hospital, get things worked on for him to be available this weekend isn’t a reality but I think sometime soon after is a reality.”

In Amick’s absence, the Vols will once again turn to Ariel Antigua to start at shortstop and slide Dean Curley over to third base.

Additionally, don’t expect to see sophomore right-handed pitcher AJ Russell this weekend as he suffered a setback last weekend against Ole Miss. Russell is dealing with forearm soreness, and Vitello said on Tuesday that they are in no hurry to bring him back.

“With AJ, kind of waiting to see what’s there,” Vitello said. “I would expect, kind of maybe we went to quick or maybe we didn’t. I don’t think there’s a real answer there but maybe back to where we were where we have to let things calm down and let him rest. So I wouldn’t say we are in any kind of hurry with that or anything on the horizon for him anytime soon.”

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Lineups, pitching matchup and additional pre-game notes are below, followed by the LIVE at-bat by at-bat game thread.

Starting Lineups


2B Christian Moore (R)

1B Blake Burke (L)

DH Robin Villeneuve (R)

RF Kavares Tears (L)

LF Dylan Dreiling (L)

3B Dean Curley (R)

CF Hunter Ensley (R)

C Cal Stark (R)

SS Ariel Antigua (R)

Lineup Notes:
  • Moore is back in the leadoff spot after two games in the three-hole.
  • Villeneuve is hitting in the three-hole instead of leading off as he has in the past two games.
    • Villeneuve was leading off due to the shake up in the order caused by Amick’s absence.
  • Curley remains at third with Amick OUT. Antigua logs his third career (and third straight) start at shortstop.
  • Cal Stark gets the catcher start after Peebles started on Friday and struggled.
  • Ensley gets the outfield start over Reese Chapman as the two continue to rotate. Tears moves back to right field with Ensley in his natural center field spot.

1B Corey Collins (L)

CF Charlie Condon (R)

3B Slate Alford (R)

DH Dylan Goldstein (L)

RF Paul Toetz (R)

C Fernando Gonzalez (R)

LF Clayton Chadwick (L)

2B Sebastian Murillo (R)

SS Kolby Branch (R)

Pitching Matchup:

Vols Jr. RHP Drew Beam (3-1, 3.34 ERA, 6 app., 6 starts, 35.0 IP, 36 H, 15 R, 13 ER, 4 BB, 31 K, .265 opp. batting avg., 1.14 WHIP)


Bulldogs So. RHP Leighton Finley (2-1, 3.75 ERA, 6 app., 6 starts, 24.0 IP, 25 H, 15 R, 10 ER, 6 BB, 18 K, .260 opp. batting avg., 1.29 WHIP)

Pitching notes:
  • Beam continues to start on Saturdays.
  • Finley has started both Saturdays in SEC play so far for Georgia. Was a solid bullpen guy for Georgia last season. Pitched 2.0 scoreless innings in the series against Tennessee last year.

Tennessee: Orange tops, white bottoms

Georgia: Grey tops, grey bottoms, red hats

*NOTE* There IS a RUN-RULE today. If Tennessee or Georgia leads by 10 or more runs in the seventh inning or later, the game is OVER.

  • The run-tule is MANDATORY in SEC games.


1st Inning: 


-Corey Collins lines out to Ariel Antigua. Great catch as the ball had some weird movement in the air.

-Charlie Condon rips a double to left-center. 113 mph off the bat.

-Slate Alford grounds into a fielder’s choice as Condon is out at third, 6-5. Alford at first.

-Dylan Goldstein fouls out to deep LF.



-Christian Moore flies out to deep RF.

-Blake Burke smokes his 16th double of the season (SEC lead) to left center. 108 mph off the bat. Extends his hit streak to 18 games, 26-game on-base streak.

-Robin Villeneuve strikes out looking. Strike three was well outside.

-Kavares Tears works a walk.

-Dylan Dreiling slaps a three-run home run to left field.

-Dean Curley works a walk.

Curley steals second, advances to third on a throwing error on catcher Fernando Gonzalez.

-Hunter Ensley pops up to 2B in shallow RF.


Score: Vols 3, Bulldogs 0

2nd Inning: 


-Paul Toetz strikes out looking.

-Fernando Gonzalez pops up to 2B.

-Clayton Chadwick singles to LF.

-Sebastian Murillo fouls out to RF. Tears laid out to make a great catch.



-Cal Stark flies out to CF.

-Ariel Antigua strikes out swinging.

-Christian Moore strikes out looking.


Score: Vols 3, Bulldogs 0

3rd Inning: 


-Kolby Branch grounds out to 2B.

-Corey Collins is walked.

-Charlie Condon launches a 410-foot two-run home run to left field.

-Slate Alford pops up to Tears, who almost ran into the infield.

-Dylan Goldstein ropes a double down the RF line.

-Paul Toetz smokes an RBI double to RF. Tears misplayed it. Wind may have played a part.

-Fernando Gonzalez drives an RBI single up the middle. Hit off of Christian Moore’s glove and went into the outfield. Ruled a single as it was hit really hard.

-Clayton Chadwick reaches first on a fielding error by Blake Burke. 106 mph grounder went under his glove. Gonzalez advances to third.

-Sebastian Murillo hammers a three-run home run to left field. Shades of Friday now in LNS.

-Kolby Branch singles up the middle.

-Corey Collins is walked. Runners on first and second with two outs for Condon.

*Pitching change: Sr. LHP Kirby Connell (2-0, 2.61 ERA) on to pitch for Beam*

-Charlie Condon reaches on an infield single to SS. Antigua couldn’t make the play as it was a high chopper. Bases loaded for Slate Alford.

-Slate Alford grounds out to 3B to strand the bases loaded.



-Blake Burke mashes a solo home run to right field to tie the program home run record with 40 home runs. 117 mph, 411-feet.

-Robin Villeneuve works a walk.

-Kavares Tears grounds into a 4-6-3 double play.

-Dylan Dreiling flies out to CF in right center. To the warning track.


Score: Vols 4, Bulldogs 7

4th Inning: 


-Dylan Goldstein is plunked to leadoff the inning.

-Paul Toetz rips an RBI double to right center, but he’s out at third, 8-4-1-5. Connell was there as Moore’s throw home went past Stark and sent a dart to Curley at third, who tagged Toetz.

-Fernando Gonzalez grounds out to 2B.

-Clayton Chadwick grounds out to 2B. Nice play by Moore and an even better stretch by Burke.



-Dean Curley grounds out to 3B.

-Hunter Ensley flies out to the warning track in RF.

-Cal Stark strikes out swinging.


Score: Vols 4, Bulldogs 8

5th Inning: 


-Sebastian Murillo grounds out to SS. Nice play Antigua.

-Kolby Branch grounds out to 3B.

-Corey Collins works a walk to put a runner on base for Charlie Condon with two outs.

-Condon grounds out to SS.



*Dalton Bargo pinch-hitting for Ariel Antigua*

-Bargo singles to LF.

-Christian Moore smacks a 109 mph double to RF. Bargo advanced to third, didn’t look bad running.

*Pitching change: So. RHP Kolten Smith (2-1, 6.05 ERA) on to pitch for Finley*

-Blake Burke sends an RBI single to right center. 115 mph off the bat. Bargo scores. Moore advances to third.

-Robin Villeneuve HBP. Bases loaded with no outs for Kavares Tears. LNS is LOUD.

-Kavares Tears works a bases-loaded walk as Moore scores.

-Dylan Dreiling crushes a grand slam to right field. Dreiling continues to be unbelievable in clutch moments.

-Dean Curley fouls out to 1B.

-Hunter Ensley strikes out looking.

-Cal Stark strikes out looking.


Score: Vols 10, Bulldogs 8

6th Inning: 


*Bargo to 3B*

*Curley to SS*

-Slate Alford grounds out to 3B.

-Dylan Goldstein singles up the middle.

-Paul Toetz reaches on a fielder’s choice as Golstein is out at second, 6-4. Should’ve been a double play, but Moore’s throw took Burke off the bag at first.

-Fernando Gonzalez strikes out swinging, and Connell lets out an enthusiastic scream.



-Dalton Bargo grounds out to 2B.

-Christian Moore strikes out swinging.

-Blake Burke strikes out swinging.


Score: Vols 10, Bulldogs 8

7th Inning: 


-Clayton Chadwick is walked.

-Sebastian Murillo grounds into a fielder’s choice as Chadwick is out at second, 4-6. Nice stop by Christian Moore as it was a hard-hit grounder.

-Kolby Branch smokes a two-run home run to left field. 394-feet.

-Corey Collins flies out to RF.

-Charlie Condon singles through the left side.

-Slate Alford singles up the middle. Condon advances to second.

-Dylan Goldstein pops up to 1B. Huge out. Ties a season-high in innings pitched for Connell this season (4.1).



-Robin Villeneuve strikes out swinging.

-Kavares Tears singles to RF.

-Dylan Dreiling works a walk. Tears advances to second.

-Dean Curley smacks an RBI double to left field, going past the third baseman. Tears scores. Dreiling advances to third.

-Hunter Ensley reaches on a fielder’s choice to pitcher. Pitcher throws to get Dreiling in a pickle, but he makes it back to third safely on the rundown. When he gets to third, Curley is also at third, but no one tags Curley out as he runs back to second. Ensley then runs back to first, and the catcher doesn’t attempt to throw him out at first. Wild, wild sequence results in the bases loaded with one out.

*Reese Chapman pinch-hitting for Cal Stark*

-Chapman works a bases-loaded walk.

*Pitching change: So. RHP Zach Harris (2-0, 9.39 ERA) on to pitch for Smith*

-Dalton Bargo knocks a grand slam to left field and the Vols have mounted a big lead.

-Christian Moore singles up the middle.

Moore caught stealing at second, 2-6.

-Blake Burke works a walk on a full count.

-Robin Villeneuve strikes out swinging.


Score: Vols 16, Bulldogs 10

8th Inning: 


*Cannon Peebles to C for Chapman*

-Paul Toetz grounds out to 3B.

-Fernando Gonzalez strikes out swinging.

-Clayton Chadwick is walked.

-Sebastian Murillo singles up the middle.

*Pitching change: So. RHP Nate Snead (5-1, 3.30 ERA) on to pitch for Connell*

-Kolby Branch grounds out to SS.



-Cannon Peebles out at first 1-6-3. Ground ball ricocheted off of the pitcher’s foot.

-Dylan Dreiling grounds out to SS.

-Dean Curley singles to P.

Curley steals second.

-Hunter Ensley works a walk on a full count.

-Reese Chapman strikes out swinging.


Score: Vols 16, Bulldogs 10

9th Inning: 


-Corey Collins strikes out swinging.

-Charlie Condon smokes a 111 mph solo homer straight away to center field.

-Slate Alford lines out to RF.

*Logan Jordan pinch-hitting for Dylan Goldstein*

-Jordan singles up the middle.

-Paul Toetz strikes out swinging.


Score: Vols 16, Bulldogs 11


FINAL: Tennessee Vols 16, Georgia Bulldogs 11

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