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Josh Heupel, Rick Barnes Roast Each Other in Hilarious Moment on Nashville Radio

Josh Heupel Tennessee Football Rick Barnes
Tennessee basketball head coach Rick Barnes (left) and football head coach Josh Heupel (right). Photo via Tennessee Athletics.

Tennessee basketball coach Rick Barnes and football coach Josh Heupel had Vol fans laughing during a back-and-forth impromptu roast session on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville on Tuesday evening.

The Tennessee coaching staff is making their way around the Volunteer State this week for pop-up events that include meet-and-greets, Q&A sessions, and storytelling from the Vols’ coaches and administration.

While the Big Orange Caravan is known far more for fun stories than hard-hitting journalism, the first stop of the tour didn’t disappoint as Barnes and Heupel combined for a moment that had Vol fans cracking up on social media.

While Barnes was wrapping up his interview with The Zone’s 3HL show featuring VFL Ron Slay, Dawn Davenport, and Brent Dougherty, the show hosts teased an appearance from Heupel on the other side of Barnes’ interview. The Tennessee basketball coach didn’t hesitate to talk a little friendly trash to his coaching co-worker.

“First of all, let me tell you, he thinks he’s a good basketball player,” Barnes said of Heupel, with the football coach standing a mere few feet from the set. “You’ll love this. They (the coaching staff) play at lunch, and it is gosh awful. I’m telling you. But how about this? I was talking to one of his coaches. I said, ‘Why don’t you guys guard coach Heupel?’ He said, ‘He won’t let us! We can’t block his shot, we can’t foul him, you can’t get within five feet of him.'”

As Barnes’ comments stirred up the table with laughter, Dougherty transitioned to bringing Heupel on the show, but Barnes was sure to get one last stinger in.

“Well, I can throw a football better than him,” Barnes said as his mic-drop moment, walking away from the table.

Within a matter of seconds, Heupel was grabbing the headphones that Barnes was just using. But without even sitting down for the interview, the Vols’ football coach struck back.

“Let me tell you,” Heupel said with a slight pause, gearing up for a mic-drop moment of his own. “It’s an open invitation to any basketball coach who wants to come out, and ain’t any of them coming. They see what’s on the other end of the court, they don’t want none!”

Heupel’s initial response got a big laugh from the show, including Voice of the Vols Bob Kesling, who also had a microphone for the extended interview.

When the hosts told Heupel about Barnes’ football throwing remark, the former National Championship-winning quarterback kept his response short and simple.

“Rick’s a lot of talk,” Heupel said with a grin. “I think we all know that by now.”

There was a lot of football talk to get to during the interview, but Heupel still managed to sneak in one more diss before the conversation regarding the gridiron began.

“Hey, let me just tell you, I’m going to give you guys a round of applause,” Heupel said to the hosts. “I don’t know how you got him off the headset!”

When the two aren’t busy roasting each other’s athletic abilities, Heupel and Barnes have been seen together a few times over the spring. Heupel gave Tennessee’s basketball team a warm congratulations and a good luck message before the Vols’ trip to Detroit for the Sweet 16, hanging out with Dalton Knecht, Jahmai Mashack, and the rest of the Tennessee roster.

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Then, before the Orange and White spring game in Neyland Stadium in April, Barnes and the Vols’ basketball team led the Vol Walk as Heupel and Barnes walked in front of the pack.

The offseason presents some fun storylines, and Tuesday in Nashville was no different.

Check out the full Big Orange Caravan interview session from 3HL on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville by clicking here.

Additionally, the video version of the interaction can be seen below.

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