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LIVE Updates, Score, Notes: No. 3 Tennessee Baseball @ Florida Game Three

Photo by Ian Cox/Tennessee Athletics

SCORE: Tennessee 16, Florida 3 | FINAL (7 inn. – Run Rule)

Vols win the series, 2-1.


Third-ranked Tennessee baseball (38-9, 16-7 SEC) is set to battle the Florida Gators (24-22, 10-13 SEC) Saturday in game three of a three-game series in Gainesville at Condron Ballpark.

First pitch is at 6:30 p.m. ET on SEC Network +. Reminder that the online broadcasts can be accessed on any mobile device through WatchESPN. WatchESPN can be accessed through the ESPN App, or online at You can also watch or listen to the game using the links.

The Vols are aiming to win the series in Saturday’s rubber match after splitting Friday’s doubleheader with the Gators, winning game one, 6-2, before losing game two, 4-3.

The Vols used an elite relief outing from AJ Causey and a pair of three-hit performances from Dylan Dreiling and Billy Amick to win game one. But in game two, the bats fell flat and Florida homered twice in what was a three-run third inning. Florida was able to hold on to the lead they took early in the ballgame, as Tennessee could find enough late-game magic.

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Before Tennessee split the doubleheader on Friday, the Vols lost a midweek game to Lipscomb.

Prior to the midweek loss, Tennessee swept Missouri in a three-game series last weekend in Knoxville. Elite pitching led the way for the Vols in back-to-back 3-2 wins on Friday and Saturday. Tennessee won the series opener, 10-1, with a big night at the plate.

Additionally in SEC play, Tennessee owns a series sweep over defending national champions LSU in Knoxville, series wins over No. 19 Georgia and Ole Miss at home, and series wins over No. 8 Kentucky and Auburn on the road.

As for Florida, the Gators have had an up-and-down season after finishing as the College World Series runner up last season. Florida’s lack of pitching depth has been its downfall, but there’s no question the Gators have a lot of talent, headlined by two-way player Jac Caglianone, who is one of the best players in college baseball.

Tennessee will look to avenge last year’s series loss to Florida with a series-clinching win on Saturday, as the Gators won games one and two in Knoxville last season.

Injury Note

-Redshirt-sophomore star outfielder and elite bat Kavares Tears RETURNS to the lineup after being out of the lineup in both games of Friday’s doubleheader with a hip injury. Tears did appear in game two of the doubleheader as he pinch-hit in the 9th inning.

-Sophomore RHP AJ Russell remains out as he deals with forearm soreness. Russell will likely be out for a while, but he didn’t suffer a very serious injury.

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Lineups, pitching matchup and additional pre-game notes are below, followed by the LIVE at-bat by at-bat game thread.

Starting Lineups


2B Christian Moore (R)

1B Blake Burke (L)

3B Billy Amick (R)

DH Kavares Tears (L)

LF Dylan Dreiling (L)

SS Dean Curley (R)

CF Hunter Ensley (R)

RF Colby Backus (R)

C Cal Stark (R)

Lineup Notes:
  • Colby Backus gets his first career SEC start and third start of the season.
    • Backus starting makes sense given Reese Chapman and Dalton Bargo’s struggles as of late at the plate.
  • Kavares Tears is back in the lineup in the DH spot. He was not in the starting lineup in either game in yesterday’s doubleheader as he deals with a hip issue, but he’s healthy enough to swing and run. But not quite there defensively.
    • Backus starts in right field instead of DH due to Tears’ limitations.
  • Stark behind the plate as he’s been in SEC play. Ninth straight SEC start for Stark.

2B Cade Kulrand (R)

P Jac Caglianone (L)

RF Ty Evans (R)

SS Colby Shelton (L)

3B Tyler Shelnut (R)

C Brody Donay (R)

1B Luke Heyman (R)

LF Hayden Yost (L)

CF Jaylen Guy (R)

Pitching Matchup:

Vols Sr. LHP Zander Sechrist (1-0, 3.89 ERA, 12 app., 11 starts, 39.1 IP, 41 H, 17 R, 17 ER, 9 BB, 44 K, .272 opp. batting avg., 1.27 WHIP)


Gators Jr. LHP Jac Caglianone (5-0, 4.10 ERA, 10 app., 10 starts, 48.1 IP, 38 H, 25 R, 22 ER, 35 BB, 58 K, .215 opp. batting avg., 1.51 WHIP)

Pitching notes:
  • Sechrist remains the game three starter for Tennessee in SEC play. He’s coming off a solid four-inning start in the Vols’ win over Missouri.
  • Caglianone has been Florida’s best starter this season. Outside of a bad 1.1-inning start against Missouri, Caglianone has been solid in every other appearance.

Tennessee: Dark Mode

Florida: Orange tops, white bottoms

*NOTE* There IS a RUN-RULE today. If Tennessee or Florida leads by 10 or more runs in the seventh inning or later, the game is OVER.

  • The run-rule is MANDATORY in SEC games.


1st Inning: 


-Christian Moore out on baserunner’s interference.

  • Moore didn’t stay inside the base line and collided with the first baseman when trying to leg out an infield single. I don’t know what else he is supposed to do, but that’s the rule. Tony Vitello was IRATE and challenged the ruling. Call was confirmed.

-Blake Burke HBP on the first pitch of the at-bat.

  • Things are already chippy in Gainesville given how the first AB went.

-Billy Amick strikes out swinging.

-Kavares Tears grounds out to 3B.



-Cade Kurland smacks a leadoff double to right center.

-Jac Caglianone lines out to SS. Right to where the shift was.

-Ty Evans smokes a two-run homer to LF.

-Colby Shelton grounds out to 2B.

-Tyler Shelnut strikes out looking.


Score: Vols 0, Gators 2

2nd Inning: 


-Dylan Dreiling singles to CF.

-Dean Curley grounds into a 4-6-3 double play.

  • Great throw from Shelton to first.

-Hunter Ensley grounds out to 2B.



-Brody Donay lines out to CF.

-Luke Heyman pops up to 1B.

-Hayden Yost flies out to left-center.


Score: Vols 0, Gators 2

3rd Inning: 


-Colby Backus strikes out swinging.

-Cal Stark sends a single to CF.

-Christian Moore reaches on a fielder’s choice to 1B as Stark is out at second, 3-6. Moore advances to second on a throwing error by SS, as Shelton tried to turn two.

-Blake Burke strikes out swinging.



*Pitching change: So. RHP Nate Snead (7-1, 3.13 ERA) on to pitch for Sechrist*

-Jaylen Guy grounds out to 2B.

-Cade Kurland strikes out swinging.

-Jac Caglianone singles up the middle.

-Ty Evans reaches on a throwing error by 3B, advances to second on the error. Caglianone scores all the way from first on the throwing error.

  • Ugly error from Amick as he airmailed it over Burke.

-Colby Shelton reaches on a fielding error by 1B. Evans advances to third.

  • Burke couldn’t handle it. Second defensive mistake from Tennessee this inning.

-Tyler Shelnut pops up to 2B.


Score: Vols 0, Gators 3

4th Inning: 


-Billy Amick slaps a single to CF.

-Kavares Tears flies out to the warning track in right center.

-Dylan Dreiling fouls out to C.

-Dean Curley is walked on four pitches. Amick advances to second.

-Hunter Ensley ropes a two-run double deep to left field.

  • Big hit there from Hunter. Delivered.

*Robin Villeneuve pinch-hitting for Colby Backus*

-Robin Villeneuve strikes out swinging.



*Villeneuve to RF*

-Brody Donay grounds out to 2B.

-Luke Heyman fouls out to C.

-Hayden Yost pops up to 2B in shallow RF.


Score: Vols 2, Gators 3

5th Inning: 


-Cal Stark strikes out swinging.

-Christian Moore singles to CF.

-Blake Burke flies out to CF.

-Billy Amick flies out to CF.



-Jaylen Guy strikes out swinging.

-Cade Kurland grounds out to 3B.

-Jac Caglianone HBP.

-Ty Evans strikes out swinging, out at first C to 1B.


Score: Vols 2, Gators 3

6th Inning: 


-Kavares Tears works a leadoff walk.

-Dylan Dreiling rips a double down the RF line. Tears advances to third.

  • Two-hit day from Dreiling. Ty Evans dove for the fly ball but couldn’t make the diving catch. Was just fair along the line.

*Pitching change: RHP Ryan Slater (4-2, 6.00 ERA) on to pitch for Caglianone*

-Dean Curley delivers an RBI single to CF. Tears scores. Dreiling advances to third.

-Hunter Ensley drills a two-run double down the LF line.

  • Big 4 RBI day for Ensley so far on two doubles.

-Robin Villeneuve strikes out swinging.

  • Robin Villeneuve now has 19 strikeouts on 31 at-bats in SEC play.

-Cal Stark HBP after a long at-bat.

*Pitching change: LHP Cade Fisher (2-2, 6.70 ERA) on to pitch for Slater*

-Christian Moore knocks a single to CF to load the bases.

-Blake Burke works an RBI walk after a good at-bat as Dreiling scores. Bases still loaded.

-Billy Amick knocks a sac fly to LF to score Stark. Moore advances to third.

Burke steals second.

-Kavares Tears strikes out swinging, but strike three is a wild pitch. Tears reaches first. Moore scores on the wild pitch. Burke also scores on a throwing error by C as he tried to complete the strikeout.

-Dylan Dreiling works a walk. Tears advances to second.

-Dean Curley drives an RBI single to LF. Tears scores from second. Dreiling advances to second.

-Hunter Ensley hammers a three-run homer to RF.

  • UNREAL day from Hunter Ensley. 3-4 with two two-run doubles and a three-run homer. 7 total RBI. 5 RBI this inning alone. Legacy game.
  • Ensley’s 7th HR of the season.

-Robin Villeneuve strikes out swinging.

  • Make that 20 Ks on 32 SEC at-bats for Robin.


––ELEVEN RUNS for Tennessee in T6. One of the best innings they’ve had at the plate in SEC play. Big credit to Hunter Ensley who had 5 RBI that inning.––


*Reese Chapman to RF for Robin Villeneuve*

-Colby Shelton singles down the RF line.

-Tyler Shelnut strikes out swinging.

-Brody Donay is walked on four pitches. Shelton advances to second.

-Luke Heyman flies out to RF. Shelton advances to third.

-Hayden Yost strikes out swinging.


Score: Vols 13, Gators 3

7th Inning: 


*Pitching change: RHP Landon Russell (0-0, 0.00 ERA) on to pitch for Fisher*

  • Russell has pitched one inning this season.

-Cal Stark singles to LF.

-Christian Moore smokes a two-run homer to LF.

  • 48th for Moore’s career. 21st of the season. Two-run bomb is key for run-rule insurance.

-Blake Burke tattoos a solo homer to LF.

  • 2nd time in SEC play CMo and Burke have hit back-to-back homers.
  • Burke now at 45 career homers, still 3 behind Moore. 15th HR of Burke’s season.

-Billy Amick flies out to RF.

-Kavares Tears strikes out swinging.

*Ariel Antigua pinch-hitting for Dylan Dreiling*

-Ariel Antigua strikes out swinging.



*Ethan Payne to LF for Billy Amick*

*Curley to 3B*

*Antigua to SS*

*Blake Brookins pinch-hitting for Jaylen Guy*

-Brookins strikes out looking.

*Armando Albert pinch-hitting for Cade Kurland*

-Albert grounds out to SS.

*Dale Thomas pinch-hitting for Jac Caglianone*

-Thomas strikes out swinging.


Score: Vols 16, Gators 3


FINAL: Tennessee Vols 16, Florida Gators 3 (7 inn. – Run Rule)

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