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Social Media Reacts to Tony Vitello’s Passionate Postgame Speech

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Social Media reacts to Tony Vitello’s fiery press conference on Sunday night in Knoxville.

Tennessee baseball coach Tony Vitello had the internet buzzing after a fiery, passionate postgame press conference opener on Sunday night in Knoxville.

Vitello’s opening statement nearly went for seven minutes after he tackled a handful of topics revolving around the term “success.” The Tennessee coach talked about what success means for himself, the players, and the team, while also talking about past examples of success on the diamond and why it means so much to him.

Vitello’s press conference clip quickly hit the internet after Tennessee’s 12-1 win over Evansville and spread like wildfire. College baseball fan accounts, media members, and fans alike drew positive reactions from Vitello’s remarks with some folks claiming that the Tennessee coach’s rant is something that every player and coach needs to listen to.

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Check out some of the best reactions on X from Sunday and Monday below:

Comments/Replies to Vitello’s Video on X

Pop: “Absolutely love Coach V. We are beyond lucky to have him leading our men into battle.”

Voldog: “OMG I love this guy. Did he tell the media off or what! We are so blessed to have Tony as our baseball coach and with speeches like that I would walk off a cliff with him! Now you know why this team loves their coach! Go VOLS

Libby: “What an inspiring person! Not to mention coach. This is why this team is such a success! He supports his players and staff and is down to earth and this is what makes a great coach. He’s also their mentor! Proud to say I’m a UT alumni GBO!!!”

Terry: “What an awesome COACH. As an Evansville Aces fan I can get behind that guy. No wonder they have had the SUCCESS they have had. Every coach and player needs to hear that entire message.

Nomura Baseball Academy: “Attitude reflect leadership. Tennessee plays with the winning attitude and that’s a reflection of the championship leadership by Coach Tony V. Love it”

Mark: “I thought maybe I didn’t like him because is his lack of composure, but now that I heard him say ‘I lack composure’, I love him!

GoVols: “I mean him and [Rodney Garner] need to be locked down tight. [Josh Heupel] also but those two!”

Sooie: “Vitello has me doing push-ups in my room now at 11:30pm”

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