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What Hunter Ensley, Tennessee Players Said About Spectacular Second Inning Catch

Photo via Tennessee Athletics

OMAHA, Neb. — Hunter Ensley says that it was Tennessee starting pitcher Drew Beam that set the tone for the Vols in their 6-1 College World Series victory over North Carolina on Sunday night.

Beam’s first inning was fantastic but it’s hard not to point at Ensley himself as a tone setter. It was his fearless defense, running into the wall at full speed to make a catch that kept North Carolina form threatening early and allowed Beam to cruise through the first three innings with little pressure.

Tony Vitello has long said that Ensley not being afraid of the wall is why he became Tennessee’s starting center fielder last season. The redshirt junior lays it all on the line and that won the respect of his coaches and teammates long before Sunday night.

Here’s what Ensley said about the catch after the win over North Carolina and how his teammates reacted— both in post game interviews and on social media.

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Hunter Ensley

On the catch

“As far as the catch, I think it was the four-hole hitter. Big, strong guy. Wind was kind of blowing out to left-center and obviously with a lefty that part of the field is going to slice a little bit. I knew it was going to carry and I knew where it was going to go but I guess I was fortunate enough to run into the wall and make the catch but the wall got me pretty good.”

On if he knew he was going to hit the wall

“I just think when the ball went up— when it goes up it doesn’t really matter where I’m at. I’m willing to run into the wall for an out. I’ll take that trade any day. It was hit really good. I felt my feet on the track and knew I still had a couple feet to go before the ball so I braced myself for the wall. I feel like I kind of made the hit so it didn’t hurt as bad. So I feel fine right now.”

Starting Pitcher Drew Beam

“I was very hyped because it saved me from a hit and it probably would have been a triple or inside-the-parker. He hit that wall hard. I was just making sure he was okay. But I was dumbfounded. That was a crazy catch.”

Right Fielder Kavares Tears

“I was running over there to back him up. I was screaming he was about to hit the wall, which I doubt he heard me. Once he hit it my initial reaction was ooh. Then I saw the ball still in his glove and I was like let’s go. A lot of different emotions going on right there.”

Kirby Connell

On Hunter’s catch setting the tone

“It started in the first inning and went all the way to the last inning with Hunter making that catch in between and kind of putting his life on the line for us. I wouldn’t say really life. Body. His body. He’s not dead. Him just putting his body on the line for us and then CMo making the play up the middle.”

On if Hunter delivered the hit or Hunter did

“I’m going to go with Hunter. I’m going to back my guy up. I think he delivered the hit. You know, the wall never really stood a chance.”

Shortstop Dean Curley

“I mean, it was awesome. It was a game saver off the bat. It showed how dedicated he was to get that out and risk his body for it.”

Relief Pitcher Nate Snead

First baseman Blake Burke

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