Houston Kress

Houston Kress
Houston blurs the line between Vol homer and traditional media member while always offering honest opinions and thoughtful insight into what is happening on ‘The Hill’. (This is the part where he wanted to mention that he bleeds orange but he wasn’t sure if that was allowed or not).

A look at some of the best plays from Tennessee's game against Alabama over the weekend.

5 Observations from Tennessee's 19-14 Loss to Alabama

We take a look at the Alabama Crimson Tide in their game against Arkansas in this week's quick-scout.

Sarkisian in trouble, Big Blue's run, flopping Bielema and more in the What's Buzzing segment.

Some stats and notes from Tennessee's 2016 commitments from their high school and junior college games.

5 key takeaways from Tennessee's 38-31 win over Georgia.

Five key takeaways from Tennessee 24-20 loss to Arkansas on Saturday night.

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