Kevin Hughes

Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes comes to Rocky Top Insider by way of WNML where in addition to serving as an Account Executive, he also created the station's first original content podcast, Hughes It or Lose It. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Kevin has lived in Knoxville since 2006 and enjoys everything East Tennessee has to offer. You'll find him walking his dog, or potentially frequenting a variety of dimly lit bars mingling with his people.

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RTI's Kevin Hughes takes you into The Foothills to review True Detective and Ballers from Sunday night.

Step into The Foothills, where RTI's Kevin Hughes reviews HBO's Sunday night lineup of programming.

RTI's Kevin Hughes recaps HBO's Sunday night lineup.

Kevin Hughes dishes the skinny on two series premiers: Ballers and The Brink.

Kevin Hughes breaks down the first episode of True Detective's second season.

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