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Friday Top 10: Reasons to Hate on Kentucky



Every Friday* of the offseason, a member of the RTI team will post a top-10 list. Many will be directly related to UT athletics, but some will veer off course a bit. Obviously these will all be subjective in nature, a bit ridiculous at times and subject to a lot opinion and discussion. 

*We’re cheating a bit and publishing this a few hours early in honor of Kentucky’s opening NCAA tournament matchup on Thursday night

Let me first be clear in saying that Kentucky, like all states in America (with the exception of New Jersey, an actual dumpster fire) has its redeeming qualities. Bourbon, the Bourbon Trail, and some exceptionally good looking females (though not a high percentage).

There is also nothing wrong with the Kentucky Derby, or Keeneland, as horse racing is a gentleman’s sport and gambling mixed with booze can be fun. However these exceptions are merely the throw pillows tossed carelessly atop the disgusting $150 Rent-a-Center mattress that is the bluegrass state. Without any further ado, I present the top 10 (of 200) reasons to hate Kentucky.


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