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Super Bowl Odds and Betting Lines

You can bet on Super Bowl winner odds all year long, but once the actual matchup is set Super Bowl betting odds take off. Hundreds of Super Bowl betting lines and prop bets are released and even more betting odds appear leading up to and during the game.

If you’re looking for the latest Super Bowl betting lines and the lines that offer the most value, see our complete Super Bowl betting guide below including updated Super Bowl betting lines from the best Kentucky sports betting sites.

Current Super Bowl betting lines

Here are the currently available Super Bowl betting lines from the best NFL betting sites in Kentucky. Click on any line to go to the sportsbook that posted it. There you can claim the latest KY sportsbook bonuses & promos and place that Super Bowl bet.

Which NFL betting apps have the best Super Bowl lines?

It’s hard to quantify “best.” Too many factors go into answering that question, mainly bettor preference. But we can run down four of the Super Bowl betting heavyweights.

Caesars Sportsbook

Check with Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky first. Its Super Bowl futures odds and game lines are often the best in the business. Plus, you’ll find various Super Bowl odds boosts, promos and bonuses. The Super Bowl betting options here include:

  • Highly competitive game lines and props
  • Super Bowl promos: place your first bet up to $1,000 on Caesars
  • Super Bowl specials like odds boosts

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings offers competitive Super Bowl futures odds all year long and the largest list of live Super Bowl lines during the game, plus unique Super Bowl props ahead of it. Super Bowl betting options on DraftKings Sportsbook in Kentucky include:

  • Live Super Bowl betting, including micro markets Next Drive and Next Play lines
  • Super Bowl promos: Get up to $1,200 in bonuses
  • Super Bowl specials: 25% profit boost on same game parlays; Super Bowl Dark Horse and Score First Drive odds boosts

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel has a Super Bowl game tracker with real-time game stats and relevant betting info available. It also posts competitive Super Bowl betting odds and runs various Super Bowl promos. Unique Super Bowl betting options on FanDuel KY Sportsbook include:

  • Same game parlays
  • FanDuel Promo Code: Bet $5 and get $150 in bonus bets win or lose.
  • Super Bowl specials: odds boosts

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGMBetMGM Kentucky Sportsbook has competitive Super Bowl winner futures odds and game lines. Plus, it always runs Super Bowl promos. Betting options include:

  • Game lines and props
  • Super Bowl promos: Get up to $1,500 in bonus bets
  • Super Bowl specials: $10 to win $200 Touchdown Bonus

Super Bowl odds boosts and promos

Look for Super Bowl betting sites to offer additional value through odds boosts and promos. The most common types of Super Bowl line promos include:

  • Odds boosts: Better than the normal odds on specific Super Bowl bets.
  • Insurance: Bonus bet refunds on specific losing Super Bowl bets that come close to winning.
  • Prop specials: Unique Super Bowl props.
  • Super Bowl parlays: String together multiple Super Bowl bets in search of big potential payouts.
  • Crossover parlays: String together multiple Super Bowl bets and bets from other Super Bowl Sunday sports.
  • Free-to-play contests: Free-to-enter Super Bowl contests with cash and bonus bet prizes, like Super Bowl Squares and Pick ‘Ems.

Super Bowl betting lines

Super Bowl betting lines include standard NFL betting lines and a massive list of props surrounding the game, both on and off the field. The odds feed above will let you know what’s available heading into the Super Bowl, but here are details regarding the most popular Super Bowl lines.

Moneylines, spreads and totals

  • Super Bowl moneylines: Pick the Super Bowl winner. Lock in the odds as currently posted when you place the bet, even if they’re different once the game starts.
  • Super Bowl spreads: Pick a Super Bowl winner with a point spread factored into the final score. Lay the points on the favorite or take them on the underdog. Either way, the spread tends to even out the odds. Lock in the line and odds as currently posted when you place the bet, even if they’re different once the game starts.
  • Super Bowl totals: Pick whether the total points scored in the Super Bowl will end up over or under a line set by sportsbooks. The line is set so the odds are close to even on both sides.

Super Bowl scoring props

Not all Super Bowl bets concern the final score of the game. Popular Super Bowl scoring props include:

  • First TD Scorer
  • Anytime TD Scorer

Super Bowl player props

Popular Super Bowl player props include:

  • Passing Yards
  • Rushing Yards
  • Receiving Yards
  • Number of Receptions
  • Number of Passing TDs Thrown

Super Bowl game props

Popular Super Bowl game props include:

  • Score on First Drive
  • First Drive Results
  • Team That Scores First To Win
  • Team Net Yards
  • Team Most TDs

Super Bowl novelty props

Popular Super Bowl novelty props include:

  • National Anthem Singing Time
  • Coin Toss Result
  • Color of Gatorade Poured On Winning Head Coach

Live Super Bowl lines

Most of the Super Bowl lines listed here are available at licensed online sportsbooks prior to the Super Bowl kickoff. However, many of these same lines are available during the Super Bowl at odds that change with the action on the field.

For example, the Philadelphia Eagles were -130 pregame moneyline favorites over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII, and you could still bet on Philadelphia to win the game outright at close to the same odds throughout most of the first and second quarters. However, when the Eagles opened up a 24-14 halftime lead, the Super Bowl odds shrunk considerably, making Philadelphia approximately -210 live moneyline favorites.

In other words, you could still bet on the Eagles to win after they got up 10; you’d just have to lay more money. (Of course, anyone who did was disappointed in the end.)

In-game Super Bowl lines include standard money lines, spreads, and totals, plus player and game props like next drive and next play results.

Alternate Super Bowl lines

Super Bowl spread and total lines are usually set quite accurately, and the odds on both sides of each bet are close to even with a small profit built in for the sportsbook. However, alternate lines are also available with different odds based on risk.

Here’s how they work. The Eagles were 1.5-point favorites in Super Bowl LVII and most point spread bets were offering -110 odds. However, confident Philadelphia bettors could have bet on the Eagles at -3.5 for +130 or at -6.5 for +240. The more points you lay, the bigger the risk and the higher the potential payout.

That said, alternate Super Bowl lines need to be handled with care. The odds are better, but the risk is greater. Plus, if history is any indication, oddsmakers are usually pretty accurate in setting the original Super Bowl lines. You’re betting against their expertise when you put money down on an alternate Super Bowl line.

Super Bowl MVP lines

One of the most popular props markets at the Super Bowl is the MVP market. The pregame odds are long on most players because it’s close to impossible to predict who will be the best player in the Super Bowl.

Of course, quarterbacks have now won 32 of 57 Super Bowl MVP awards, which is why the starting QBs are almost always the pregame favorites. For Super Bowl LVII, QBs Patrick Mahomes (+130)  and Jalen Hurts (+140) were the pregame favorites. Mahomes ultimately won it.

Super Bowl props

The best licensed online sportsbooks post a larger list of props for the Super Bowl than any other event in sports. You can bet on almost every aspect of and around the game, depending on what local gaming regulators allow.

Most props surround player stat lines and accomplishments like scoring or winning the game’s MVP. However, you can also bet on the coin toss and a variety of unique props that aren’t available for any other sporting event.

For more on Super Bowl props, including the latest odds, click through to our “Super Bowl Props” page.

What are the Vegas Super Bowl lines?

Las Vegas sportsbooks set Super Bowl lines, and the rest of the industry follows. In fact, Vegas Super Bowl lines were the only ones in the country for decades and now they are the industry standard, as most licensed US online sportsbooks just copy the Vegas Super Bowl lines. If you do find an online sportsbook with a different Super Bowl line, that usually means that sportsbook changed it due to betting discrepancy.

Sportsbooks are always trying to draw an equal amount of betting to each side of every bet. That way they can earn the small profit built right into the odds without worrying about which side wins. If they do see more action on one side of a bet, they’ll often move the line to draw betting to the other side and get things back to even.

That’s when you’ll see a difference between the Vegas Super Bowl odds and lines compared to those posted at a local online sportsbook.

Historical Super Bowl betting lines and results

Super BowlTeamsLinesResultsMoneyline WinnerSpread WinnerTotal Winner
LVII - 2023Chiefs vs. EaglesEagles -1.5, O/U 50.5Chiefs 38-35UnderdogUnderdogOver
LVI - 2022Rams vs. BengalsRams -3.5, O/U 50Rams 23-20FavoriteUnderdogUnder
LV - 2021Chiefs vs. BuccaneersChiefs -3, O/U 56.0Buccaneers 31-9UnderdogUnderdogUnder
LIV - 202049ers vs. ChiefsChiefs -1, O/U 54.5Chiefs 31-20FavoriteFavoriteUnder
LIII - 2019Patriots vs. RamsPatriots -2.5, O/U 57.5Patriots 13-3FavoriteFavoriteUnder
LII - 2018Eagles vs. PatriotsPatriots -4, O/U 49.0Eagles 41-33UnderdogUnderdogOver
LI - 2017Falcons vs. PatriotsPatriots -3, O/U 57.0Patriots 34-28FavoriteFavoriteOver
L - 2016Panthers vs. FalconsPanthers -5, O/U 43.5Broncos 24-10UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XLIX - 2015Seahawks vs. PatriotsPick’em, O/U 47.5Patriots 28-24Pick'emPick'emOver
XLVIII - 2014Seahawks vs. BroncosBroncos -2.5, O/U 47.5Seahawks 43-8UnderdogUnderdogOver
XLVII - 201349ers vs. Ravens49ers -4.5, O/U 48.0Ravens 34-31UnderdogUnderdogOver
XLVI - 2012Giants vs. PatriotsPatriots -2.5, O/U 53.5Giants 21-17UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XLV - 2011Packers vs. SteelersPackers -3, O/U 45.0Packers 31-25FavoriteFavoriteOver
XLIV - 2010Saints vs. ColtsColts -5, O/U 57.0Saints 31-17UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XLIII - 2009Steelers vs. CardinalsSteelers -7, O/U 46.0Steelers 27-23FavoriteUnderdogOver
XLII - 2008Giants vs. PatriotsPatriots -12, O/U 55.0Giants 17-14UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XLI - 2007Colts vs. BearsColts -7, O/U 47.0Colts 29-17FavoriteFavoriteUnder
XL - 2006Steelers vs. SeahawksSteelers -4, O/U 47.0Steelers 21-10FavoriteFavoriteUnder
XXXIV - 2005Patriots vs. EaglesPatriots -7, O/U 46.5Patriots 24-21FavoriteUnderdogUnder
XXXVIII - 2004Patriots vs. PanthersPatriots -7, O/U 37.5Patriots 32-29FavoriteUnderdogOver
XXXVII - 2003Buccaneers vs. RaidersRaiders -4, O/U 44.0Buccaneers 48-21UnderdogUnderdogOver
XXXVI - 2002Patriots vs. RamsRams -14, O/U 53.0Patriots 20-17UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XXXV - 2001Ravens vs. GiantsRavens -3, O/U 33.0Ravens 34-7FavoriteFavoriteOver
XXXIV - 2000Rams vs. TitansRams -7, O/U 45.0Rams 23-16FavoritePushUnder
XXXIII - 1999Broncos vs. FalconsBroncos -7.5, O/U 52.5Broncos 34-19FavoriteFavoriteOver
XXXII - 1998Broncos vs. PackersPackers -11, O/U 49.0Broncos 31-24UnderdogUnderdogOver
XXXI - 1997Packers vs. PatriotsPackers -14, O/U 49.0Packers 35-21FavoritePushOver
XXX - 1996Cowboys vs. SteelersCowboys -13.5, O/U 51.0Cowboys 27-17FavoriteUnderdogUnder
XXIX - 199549ers vs. Chargers49ers -18.5, O/U 53.549ers 49-26FavoriteFavoriteOver
XXVIII - 1994Cowboys vs. BillsCowboys -10.5, O/U 50.5Cowboys 30-13FavoriteFavoriteUnder
XXVII - 1993Cowboys vs. BillsCowboys -6.5, O/U 44.5Cowboys 52-17FavoriteFavoriteOver
XXVI - 1992Washington vs. BillsWashington -7, O/U 49.0Washington 37-24FavoriteFavoriteOver
XXV - 1991Giants vs. BillsBills -7, O/U 40.5Giants 20-19UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XXIV - 199049ers vs Broncos49ers -12, O/U 48.049ers 55-10FavoriteFavoriteOver
XXIII - 198949ers vs. Bengals49ers -7, O/U 48.049ers 20-16FavoriteUnderdogUnder
XXII - 1988Washington vs. BroncosBroncos -3, O/U 47.0Washington 42-10UnderdogUnderdogOver
XXI - 1987Giants vs. BroncosGiants -9.5, O/U 40.0Giants 39-20FavoriteFavoriteOver
XX - 1986Bears vs. PatriotsBears -1, O/U 37.5Bears 46-10FavoriteFavoriteOver
XIX - 198549ers vs. Dolphins49ers -3.5, O/U 53.549ers 38-16FavoriteFavoriteOver
XVIII - 1984Raiders vs. WashingtonWashington -3, O/U 48.0Raiders 38-9UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XVII - 1983Washington vs. DolphinsDolphins -3, O/U 36.5Washington 27-17UnderdogUnderdogOver
XVI - 198249ers vs. Bengals49ers -1, O/U 48.049ers 26-21FavoriteFavoriteUnder
XV - 1981Raiders vs. EaglesEagles -3, O/U 37.5Raiders 27-10UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XIV - 1980Steelers vs. RamsSteelers -10.5, O/U 36.0Steelers 31-19FavoriteFavoriteOver
XIII - 1979Steelers vs. CowboysSteelers -3.5, O/U 37.0Steelers 35-31FavoriteFavoriteOver
XII - 1978Cowboys vs. BroncosCowboys -6, O/U 39.0Cowboys 27-10FavoriteFavoriteUnder
XI - 1977Raiders vs. VikingsRaiders -4, O/U 38.0Raiders 34-14FavoriteFavoriteOver
X - 1976Steelers vs. CowboysSteelers -7, O/U 36.0Steelers 21-17FavoriteUnderdogOver
IX - 1975Steelers vs. VikingsSteelers -3, O/U 33.0Steelers 16-6FavoriteFavoriteUnder
VIII - 1974Dolphins vs. VikingsDolphins -6.5, O/U 33.0Dolphins 24-7FavoriteFavoriteUnder
VII - 1973Dolphins vs. WashingtonDolphins -1, O/U 33.0Dolphins 14-7FavoriteFavoriteUnder
VI - 1972Cowboys vs. DolphinsCowboys -6, O/U 34.0Cowboys 24-3FavoriteFavoriteUnder
V – 1971Colts vs. CowboysColts -2.5, O/U 36.0Colts 16-13FavoriteFavoriteUnder
IV – 1970Chiefs vs. VikingsVikings -12, O/U 39.0Chiefs 23-7UnderdogUnderdogUnder
III – 1969Jets vs. ColtsColts -18, O/U 40.0Jets 16-7UnderdogUnderdogUnder
II – 1968Packers vs. RaidersPackers -13.5, O/U 43.5Packers 33-14FavoriteFavoriteOver
I – 1967Packers vs. ChiefsPackers -14, No totalPackers 35-10FavoriteFavoriteN/A