Tennessee vs. Bowling Green

We broke down the Tennessee-Bowling Green game, looked ahead to UT-OU and talked some college football on RTI Radio.

A Bowling Green defensive lineman took a fall on Saturday after he couldn't get off the field in time due to UT's hurry-up offense.

Quarterback Joshua Dobbs makes at least four Bowling Green defenders miss while avoiding them for 13 seconds.

Todd Kelly Jr.'s quick return to the field after a hospitalization this week "epitomizes" Jones' vision at UT.

 Secondary Missing several key pieces, including safety LaDarrell McNeil, nickel RaShaan Gaulden and even coach Willie Martinez, this group had a few concerns coming into...

Tennessee's enhanced offense moved the ball, while the secondary struggled, as the Vols prevailed over Bowling Green in Nashville in a bizarre game.

Video of Tennessee celebrating its 59-30 win over Bowling Green on Saturday night in Nashville.

Some entertaining film from the lightning delay during the UT-Bowling Green game.

Some photos from the Vols' game against Bowling Green in Nashville on Saturday.

It's football time in Tennessee!