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Twitter Refs Bust Oklahoma for Holding

IMG_6246-2Two things:

1. Though I think officials’ calls can certainly cost a team a game in situations, I don’t feel that happened to Tennessee on Saturday. Oklahoma was better and deserved to win the game.

2. Holding happens on almost every play in football. I’ve played/coached offensive line and I realize that. Tennessee held on Saturday night. Oklahoma also held on Saturday night…

And with those things being said, it did seem like Oklahoma had some extremely egregious incidents of holding that went unflagged by the SEC officiating crew and Twitter took notice. Here are a few of the best screen grabs of Oklahoma grabbing, holding, hog-tying and doing just about anything else to stop UT’s defensive players, many of whom had a fairly large advantage in overall athleticism over the bigger OU offensive line. The Sooners weren’t called for an offensive holding until the game was out of reach at 34-10. The hashtag #Oklaholding was going strong during the game and is still lingering out there a couple days after the game.

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