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5 Reasons to Hate on Georgia


God bless fall Fridays. And Lord have mercy on the Georgia Bulldogs. (But only a little.) Because this weekend, I have a feeling the Vols are gonna bring a can of whoop ass down to Athens.

Yeah, there’s some fanboy in that, but there’s also some truth in it as well. You remember last year? Because Georgia does. The Vols beat the tar out of the Bulldogs from a physical standpoint in a valiant effort that set the table for the South Carolina game. And this year, win or lose, I predict the Vols will do the same in an effort that will set the table for Florida.

It’s personal. These two teams don’t like each other one bit. Hence this quick list of 5 reasons to hate on Georgia. Oh, and real quick, it doesn’t contain Double D because, c’mon. Duh. Okay, here we go:


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