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5 Ways to Protect Lane Kiffin


I know. Everyone’s on this whole “leave Lane alone” kick. And I’m with them. I really am. After all, the opposite of love isn’t hate. It’s indifference.

Still, I think it’d be naive to think that everyone is gonna get the memo. SO, just in case, the RTI boys and I brainstormed ways we could protect Kiffin. You know, just in case some ornery drunk guy decides to go all Billy Badass on him. Because at our core, we’re nothing if not staunch humanitarians. And I think we have some effective ideas. Starting with:

1. Protective Wall


They do it all the time when security is called for. You build it just low enough to where it’d not impair vision and just high enough to discourage climbing. (You know, for those with the cojones to go against those metal spikes.) Moving along to No. 2:


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