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Checking the Film: A Closer Look at UT’s 29-21 loss to Mizzou

Pig Howard-1First Quarter

14:26: Great penetration by Curt Maggitt from the defensive end position, who takes up three blocks and clears the way for a TFL for Jalen Reeves-Maybin.

13:17: Maty Mauk picks up Mizzou’s second straight third-down conversion. The Vols kept him in the pocket, but Jordan Williams gets turned to the inside, making a lane between he and Maggitt that Mauk slips through.

12:21: Good jump off the ball by Corey Vereen, but Mauk gets a nice deep ball off intended for Bud Sasser, who beats LaDarrell McNeil, but Sasser can’t haul it in near the goal line.

12:13: Good job by Maggitt taking away the option keep here, but Mauk gets the pitch out and Missouri has great blocking on the perimeter. Jakob Johnson, Cam Sutton and LaDarrell McNeil all get and stay blocked long enough that Russell Hansbrough gets the first down.

10:55: Another third-down conversion for the Tigers. Mauk slips a screen to Marcus Murphy, Sutton, who said he blacked out on this play, wasn’t able to get him down and Murphy takes it down to the 1-yard line and finishes off the drive with a score the next play.

9:25: Great punt by Darr for 55 yards. Nice return by Murphy, but it’s negated by a flag because Reeves-Maybin got downfield quickly and forced the Mizzou player to block him in the back since he’d run by him.

7:50: Nice pass deflection by Malik Foreman here, in for the injured Sutton at the time and the Vols get the ball back after a nice three-and-out.

6:45: First sack of the game for Missouri. A little stunt by Missouri and Jashon Robertson isn’t able to pick up the looping d-lineman. Joshua Dobbs is able to elude the first man, but Markus Golden is right behind him to clean it up.

5:58: Perfect punt by Darr that actually hits out of bounds at the 1 and fantastic effort from Vic Wharton (who didn’t know it’d hit out of bounds) to keep it out of the end zone.

5:08: After another strong stop with the Tigers backed up near their own goal line, Missouri has to punt. Jacob Carter, who took over for Sutton at punt returner, does a nice job fielding the punt and getting upfield about 10 yards to set the Vols up with good field position.

3:45: Vols can’t get a first down again, but another nice kick by Aaron Medley, who is almost automatic inside 40 yards now.

Mid-late 1st quarter: The two teams go six straight drives without a single first down.

2:22: Good call here on the jet sweep to get Pig Howard out in space. He has one Missouri player to beat, he does it and gets to the second level. It’s a big play as it is, but one more block from Wharton could’ve really sprung Howard for a huge gain.

2:00: Nice strike from Dobbs to Pearson for another first down. Officials miss a facemask call that should’ve tacked on 15.

1:07: Another stunt by Missouri and this time Shane Ray loops inside, Dylan Wiesman isn’t blocking anybody, but is looking the opposite direction and Ray grabs Dobbs and helps take him down to force a punt.

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