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Checking the Film: A Closer Look at UT’s 29-21 loss to Mizzou

Jalen Hurd-1-2Second Quarter:

13:49: Well-designed play here. Pig Howard motions into the backfield, Dobbs fakes a handoff to him to the right side and Missouri’s defense bites on that, shifting to its left and forming a crease that Dobbs blasts through for a nice gain on the ground.

11:22: Here’s the big fake field goal. Alex Ellis is lined up as the wing-back on the right side of the formation and he slips behind the Mizzou defense, which didn’t recognize it until too late. It helped that all 11 players were on the line for Missouri and there was no safety on the play. Can’t say it enough: fantastic throw from holder Patrick Ashford, a high school quarterback, and a nice catch and run by Ellis – walk-on to walk-on.

8:54: Some poor block shedding/tackling here for UT. Corey Vereen gets reach blocked, Emmanuel Moseley can’t get off his block, Todd Kelly misses the tackle and Jakob Johnson comes dangerously close to hitting Mauk out of bounds at the end.

7:59: Vols get good penetration here, but another missed tackle, this one my Emmanuel Moseley, dooms them and Marcus Murphy slips around the edge to put Missouri back on top.

7:50: Great return by Evan Berry into Missouri territory. Credit Ethan Wolf and Justin King with strong blocks to spring the freshman for the big gain. One bizarre moment on this play is a Missouri defender tackling Malik Foreman for no apparent reason. It was somewhat of a dirty play, but it helped the Vols because it took that defender out of the play and gave Berry more room.

6:35: Nice effort by Jalen Hurd. He loses his balance short of the first-down marker here on third down, but regains it and powers forward through three Missouri defenders for the first.

5:07: More broken tackles for Hurd and another first done.

4:47: Another sack for Missouri. It looks like this one is on Dylan Wiesman. Jashon Robertson pulls from his right guard position to help block on the left side and Wiesman doesn’t slide over to his right fast enough to fill that slot. That’s where the pressure comes from and Dobbs goes down.

3:59 Another nice kick by Medley, who is striking the ball very well right now.

3:42: Very questionable offensive PI call against Missouri here. There’s a little hand jousting on both sides, but doesn’t seem to be enough to warrant a flag there. It negates a nice completion for the Tigers.

2:46: Nice pressure from Maggitt here, forces Mauk to step up and Jordan Williams cleans Mauk up for the sack and ends any realistic shot the Tigers have at putting together a drive before the half.

A little surprised the Vols went conservative at the end of the half. Butch Jones opts to not use any timeouts and the Vols decide to essentially sit on it to go to the half tied at 13.

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