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Pre-Camp Depth Chart Projections

Jalen Reeves Maybin-1


OLB: 1. Jalen Reeves-Maybin 2. Cortez McDowell
OLB: 1. Curt Maggitt 2. Elliott Berry
ILB: 1. Darrin Kirkland Jr. 2. Kenny Bynum/Jakob Johnson/Dillon Bates

Thoughts: I don’t know how this group will shake out. The inside linebacker spot is as wide open as any spot in camp, and I’ve heard enough great things about Kirkland that I think he has a legitimate shot at it, but only time will tell. Not sure what to do with Dillon Bates either – think he could work at either ILB or OLB and be a potential factor at either spot. Reeves-Maybin is a sure starter at one outside linebacker spot, and I’m assuming Maggitt will get some OLB work in the true 4-3 again this season. McDowell and Berry, and possibly Chris Weatherd, depending on if he works as more of a DE or LB in camp, can provide some depth at OLB along with some of the newcomers.

OLB: 1. Jalen Reeves-Maybin 2. Cortez McDowell
OLB: 1.Curt Maggitt/Cortez McDowell 2. Elliott Berry/Dillon Bates
ILB: 1. Kenny Bynum 2. Darrin Kirkland Jr./Dillon Bates/Gavin Bryant

Thoughts: No changes for me heading into fall camp for this group with the exception of Dillon Bates getting some work at outside linebacker. I’ve still got Kenny Bynum as my day-one starter at inside linebacker ahead of Darrin Kirkland Jr., but DKJ could change my mind quickly if he performs well in practice. Jalen Reeves-Maybin is a stud and Cortez McDowell is growing into one. Maggitt in his “hybrid” role will be a tough scout for opposing offenses.

OLB: 1. Jalen Reeves-Maybin 2. Cortez McDowell
OLB: 1. Curt Maggitt/Dillon Bates 2. Elliott Berry
ILB: 1.Darrin Kirkland Jr. 2. Kenny Bynum

Thoughts: That middle linebacker job will be one of the biggest storylines of camp and I expect Kirkland Jr. to ultimately win that job. We didn’t get to see much from him during the spring due to a pectoral injury, but he’s clearly the best athlete at that position. If he can adjust to the scheme and physicality of college play, he’ll win that job.

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