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Insider Mailing: More Craziness Edition


“Is (Jenny) Naughright crazy? I’ll just ask it. Outright.” – David Maxedon 

Erik: No comment (hopefully you understand that that is my comment)

Stephen: I can’t comment on someone I don’t know personally. That being said, she sure seems to be a little off her rocker.

Daniel: She certainly has been portrayed that way by several folks, but like Stephen, I don’t feel like I can really say since I don’t know her. Like, for example, I can say the two guys above me on this question are crazy.

“Karen Weekly light it up at the presser or naw?” – @NeylandMafia 

Daniel: I thought she was very good – did one of the best overall jobs on Tuesday.

Erik: She dropped bombs. Karen Weekly is a baller. She dominated Ralph and she did a great job, in all seriousness.

“Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?” – Todd Dillon 

Erik: Northeasterners have parkways and beltways and that’s stupid. I’m not sure if that answered your questions.

Stephen: Obama.

“I’m getting out of the military soon. Can I have a job?” – @nposey23

Stephen: While I can’t speak to RTI giving anyone a job, I can say as a fellow veteran, I know what it feels like to be looking for a job after you ETS. It can be frustrating. But if you are serious about getting into the media world, all I can say is start now. Start blogging, volunteer at the local radio station, start your own podcast, take initiative to just call and email people in the media to see if you can shadow for free to see what it’s like.

Daniel: Good thoughts from Stephen there and I completely agree with his advice on getting started if you want a career in media. The first “job” I worked in media paid nothing. Then I got paid $10 per article, then bumped up to $20. After that I worked part time, had my entire department cut, got a job doing something else with the same company, then had that department cut. Then I went somewhere else and had the entire sports section cut there. All the while I learned new skills, met new people and kept grinding. That’s the reality of media sometimes. It’s difficult, but can be rewarding too.

“How come Eddie Murphy doesn’t do anther stand up?” – @kadamclark

Erik: Is he still alive?

Daniel: This is a good article about how his awkward appearance at the SNL reunion proved that he’s “over it” all.

Several people asked about the Drae Bowles situation…

Daniel: One of my biggest questions since reading the original lawsuit has been how the plaintiffs plan to prove some of their allegations, which are very broad by nature. The Drae Bowles affidavit is certainly a big step in that direction. I do think it’s odd that his new statements contradict his 2015 KNS interview, but I think you have to put more weight on the sworn statement. But at the end of the day, it seems that we’re heading towards a situation where it will be Bowles’ word vs. Jones’. I don’t know that, unless there’s some evidence that isn’t out there yet, will be enough to lead to repercussions against Jones. Still a lot to play out, though.

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