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Vols Ranked No. 1 in the Nation By Mcillece Sports

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You’ve probably seen top-15, top-10 and maybe even top-5 preseason rankings for the Vols this offseason as various websites and publications have come out with their polls.

There’s one website,, that was the second most accurate predictor among 21 magazines and websites last year, that has even higher expectations for the Vols – placing them No. 1 in the nation in a top-25 prediction that came out a couple weeks ago.

Furthermore, this outlet runs 70,000 full season simulations to determine the likelihood of each individual division winner around the nation. UT, at 61%, is overwhelmingly the favorite in the SEC according to their findings. Florida (16%) and Georgia (15%) combine for about half of the same chance as UT, while Missouri, Kentucky, South Carolina and Vanderbilt all only have a 2% chance to win the East, per their findings.

The Vols will likely be picked somewhere between No. 8 and No. 12 in the more recognizable preseason polls later this offseason. And none of this matters if the Vols can’t finish off big games consistently in 2016.

But the fact that one outlet with some history of credibility thinks that highly of Tennessee will only add to the hype and excitement for the upcoming season.

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  1. Someone needs to pump the brakes on this hype train. Im a life long fan and believe in my VOLS but people need to take a step back on this. it bit us in the butt last year.

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