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New Year’s Resolutions For Vol Fans

Hold off on firing up the hot board a little longer

Again, this wasn’t the dream season the Vols had in mind, but there was so much that played into that it’s hard to put it all on the head coach. We all know that no one loves a coaching search like Tennessee fans – let us not forget the Grudemonium that ensued post-Dooley – but let’s at least wait until there are confirmed serious issues within the program before we condemn a guy. Things like major losing records, blatant disrespect for players and other coaches in press conferences (See Brian Kelly earlier this season), things like that before saying “Fire ‘em all” or my personal favorite “Slap 6-8 million on the table and say who wants to come get paid.” Until any of those things happen I think the program needs to continue to build on the stability that Jones has brought. The time might come when it’s obvious that he needs to go. I don’t think that’s here yet, however.

From everyone at RTI we wish you a happy and healthy New Year and thank you for the support through 2016 and continuing into 2017!

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