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Vol Nike Alternate Uniform Designs

Tennessee has been with Nike now for a little over two years. The Vols officially partnered with Nike in July of 2015, and the 2015 season was the first time the Vols donned the Nike uniforms. Tennessee’s traditional home orange and road white uniforms weren’t changed drastically, but slight alterations were made that added Nike’s own little touch to them. Then, of course, there was the biggest change, which was the addition of a new alternate Smokey Gray uniform and helmet.

In the two years since, however, Nike hasn’t come up with any new designs for the Vols. So a Vol graphic designer took it upon himself to do what Nike hasn’t.

These alternate Nike uniform concepts are courtesy of our good friend Spencer (@CleVOLander on Twitter), a graphic designer and huge Vol fan. If you’ve heard his name before, it’s because he was one of the architects of the Checker Neyland movement.

Spencer’s concepts are just that: concepts. These designs are uniforms that have either been mentioned by the fan base as concepts they would like to see put on paper (or on the field) or just fun ideas to debate civilly. We ask that you respect the creative process and if you don’t like them, that’s completely fine. But we hope you do.

Here are some alternate Vol Nike uniform designs.

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