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The 10 Types of Vol Fans You’ll Encounter

1. The overly-optimistic Vol


Regardless how heartbreaking the week or the year before was, these fans are always back for another round. And they think it can be much, much better this time. Expectations are always through the roof, but unlike the Nega-Vols or the “Fire Everybody” Vols, this group is more likely to take the positive route of “we’ll get them next year” when things don’t go the right way.

Negativity – or even objectivity – is not allowed near these folks

Butch Jones can turn things around, the media hates the Vols and is spreading “fake news” around, and expectations are set way too high for the team and eight wins is acceptable.

The Vols will eventually win a championship again, but until then, they just want to look at the positives.

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