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Jon Gruden Comments on “Grumors”

(Photo via Mark Duncan/Associated Press)

Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden was the apple of many Vol fans’ eye during the start of Tennessee’ search for a new head football coach. But as time wore on and more false information began to surface around Gruden, Vol fans began to lose their love for him.

Now Tennessee has a head football coach in Jeremy Pruitt. And Gruden has become a bit of a swear word among the Vol faithful because he never shot down the rumors of him coming to Tennessee. He never really even commented on Tennessee’s job at all.

Jon Gruden was asked about all those “Grumors” during an interview with the Tampa Bay Times on Sunday. He was asked more specifically about the rumors linking him to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers job, but he was asked generally about all the reports that link him to various jobs as well. Just like the ones that swirled around him about Tennessee’s job just weeks and months ago.

“Well, you know, I don’t have anything to say about it, really,” Gruden replied when asked about those Grumors. “I’ve got a job I’m trying to hang on to. But there’s a lot of games left in the NFL. You know, I love football, I love what I’m doing and I can’t control all the reports, I really can’t.”

Gruden claims he can’t “control all the reports,” but there were so many during Tennessee’s coaching search that many Vol fans believe he could’ve at least come out and addressed a few of them. There were reports claiming that he had reached out to former Vols about joining his staff, reports saying he had been offered a $10 million annual contract, rumors stating he would be attending multiple Tennessee home games, and even one saying he was in a local restaurant with Peyton Manning (though that one was later debunked).

Last week, Gruden’s Monday Night Football co-host, Sean McDonough, trolled Gruden by mentioning the Tennessee job live on air while the two were calling the Monday night game. Other than that, Gruden hasn’t really mentioned his involvement with Tennessee in the last couple weeks.

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  1. Well on 11/18, the day of the TN/LSU game, when Gruden was supposedly seen at Calhoun’s eating with Peyton Manning, but was later in Seattle that night, HE WAS THERE IN TENNESSEE THE MORNING OF 11/18. He actually talked to many of the recruits that were on official visits. Cameras weren’t allowed, but my friend, whose son is a CFB recruit, was there, spoke to Gruden, and got a picture of himself with Gruden right behind him. My other friend, big TN booster, who was anti-Gruden from Day 1 during the search, said Gruden did receive an MOU of 71M over 7yrs. However, he wanted TOTAL CONTROL and former AD Currie wouldn’t allow him to have total control. I think Pruitt will be better for the Vols in the long run…

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