Fulmer Gives Update on Butch Jones’ Jumbotron Photo

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    (Photo: Michael Patrick/News Sentinel)

    The drama around Tennessee’s Jumbotron on Neyland Stadium continues. But there might be an end in sight according to Tennessee’s Athletics Director.

    Phillip Fulmer, Tennessee’s AD, spoke to the Big Orange Tipoff Club and had an update on the Vols’ big video screen that sits atop Neyland Stadium. Former head football coach Butch Jones’ photo is still prominently displayed alongside a photo of Neyland himself and Vol legend Reggie White on the back of the video board. Jones was fired back in November of 2017, but the picture still remains on the Jumbotron, much to the consternation of Vol fans.

    And according to Fulmer, a change is coming soon. And he would’ve done it himself sooner if he could’ve.

    “We will have an announcement,” Fulmer said at the Big Orange Tipoff Club. “That will be changed as soon as we can. Believe me, I would have done it yesterday if I could have.”

    Jones’ photo replaced one of Fulmer himself hoisting the Vols’ 1998 National Championship trophy. Before Jones’ photo was on the Jumbotron, pictures of Fulmer, Neyland, and former Vol quarterback Condredge Holloway were on the back of the video board.

    When Jones’ photo was added in 2014, UT issued a statement via a spokesperson that detailed the decision to remove Fulmer and place the photo of Jones on the Jumbotron:

    “The images are changed out by the Vol Network and the athletics department periodically. This is for a variety of reasons, including the opportunity to portray our rich history as well as our current brand. Also, from time to time, the sun and weather elements affect the images and they need to be changed out.”

    It is unclear at this time what photo will go up to replace Jones once his photo is taken down, and it’s also unclear if Reggie White’s photo will remain alongside the picture of Neyland.