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VIDEO: Butch Jones’ Photo Removed from Jumbotron

Photo credit: Cole McCormick/RTI

It’s been nearly four months since Butch Jones was fired as Tennessee’s head football coach. And for that entire time, his visage still stared down at Vol fans from atop Neyland Stadium on the back of the stadium’s prominent video board, the Jumbotron.

But his photo is there no longer.

Today, Monday March 5th, Butch Jones’ photo was finally removed from the back of the Jumbotron. All three photos are set to be taken down and replaced with new pictures, but Jones’ photo, of course, grabbed the most attention.

Jones’ photo remaining on the Jumbotron after his firing became a joke at first, but as more time dragged on, Vol fans began to get more and more frustrated that his picture still persisted. Tennessee Athletics Director Phillip Fulmer even expressed frustration, saying in an interview that “I would have done it yesterday if I could have.”

Now, the deed has been done.

You can watch Jones’ photo get taken down on our video below. It was captured by RTI contributor Cole McCormick.

Now that his photo is down, Vol fans (and us media sites) can finally move on from the drama and focus on more important things.

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