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In-Depth Final Thoughts from Vols’ Loss to West Virginia

Photo by Anne Newman/RTI

Tennessee is preparing for its home-opener against East Tennessee State, but I’ve spent the week watching the Vols’ performance against West Virginia several times.

If Tennessee wasn’t playing an FCS school this weekend, I would have already moved on from the opener. But we entered the season not really knowing how Jeremy Pruitt’s first football team in Knoxville would perform, so following Pruitt’s first game in orange, I wanted to take a deep dive into the game while I was afforded the time to understand what went wrong.

I’ve now watched the game three times since I was in Charlotte. While watching the game this week, I charted several different things on both offense and defense. On offense, I charted things by position. For the defense, I charted things as a whole.

Before we dive into what I saw, it should be noted that these are numbers that I tallied. They’re likely different than the coach’s because, quite frankly, I don’t get to watch the coach’s film and we don’t know what each player’s responsibility is on each play. I also don’t have the luxury of watching the all-22 film like NFL writers are afforded for NFL games. These numbers are strictly mine and based off my judgement and opinion and the TV footage.

Here is my analysis of what happened with the Vols on Saturday.

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