A Rebooted Offensive Coordinator Hot Board

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    The early signing period in recruiting is now over, and that means it’s time for Tennessee to resume their search for an offensive coordinator once again.

    Tennessee has gone almost a full month now without an offensive coordinator on staff, and with a recruiting dead period falling upon the college football world now, it would make sense for head coach Jeremy Pruitt to get back to work searching for his next play-caller.

    It’s likely that Pruitt not only wants someone with some SEC experience or at least Power Five experience as a coach, but he will probably prioritize a strong recruiting background as well. Almost all of Pruitt’s coaches on staff currently are known for their solid recruiting track records, and it’s likely he wants the same from his new offensive coordinator. It’s clear that Pruitt places recruiting above almost anything else when it comes to football, and for good reason.

    Here’s an updated look at who Tennessee is likely to target now that they’re about to resume their search for an offensive coordinator.