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2019 Tennessee Football Season Predictions

Final Season Prediction

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Nathanael’s Prediction: 7-5

Tennessee has three guaranteed losses on the schedule this year, in my opinion. I don’t see the Vols beating Alabama, Georgia, or Missouri, and I’m not confident they beat Florida, either. But they also don’t have a lot of guaranteed wins. Tennessee should definitely beat their three non-conference opponents outside of BYU, and I expect they’ll beat BYU and Vanderbilt, too. That still only gives UT five wins, which means there are three toss-up games on the schedule.

Right now, I think the Vols will win two of those three toss-up games, getting victories over South Carolina and Kentucky. Mississippi State could be a win, but I think the Bulldogs get that victory. Even with that, Tennessee should be able to finish 7-5 and show recruits and fans a good amount of improvement.

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Ben’s Prediction: 7-5

Folks don’t want to hear it, but Tennessee could go 5-7 this season, just as easily as it could go 8-4 — which I believe is the ceiling in the regular season. It all comes down to the play of the offensive line and defensive line. The line of scrimmage will determine how successful the Vols are in 2019. Plus, depth needs to develop at all three levels of the defense quick, fast, and in a hurry.

The swing games will be BYU, Mississippi State, South Carolina, and Kentucky. Many may disagree because of the logos on the side of the helmet, but each of the four teams mentioned are strong in areas where Tennessee appears to be weak heading into the season — that being the line of scrimmage. This four game stretch will determine whether the Vols have a successful season or not.

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  1. Ben your take on the BYU game is dumb, but if Jayson says UT will mop BYU, you will back pedal and get Nathaniel to change this article???

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