How does Griffin-Parker fit in with the Vols?

Griffin-Parker is yet another offensive line commit that fits exactly what Tennessee wants to do up front. The Vols want, big linemen with athleticism that man-handles their opponents. That’s Griffin-Parker to a tee. The mid-state native has a ton of untapped potential, and Tennessee should be able to maximize his talent when the Vols get him in their strength program. He has the talent to compete for playing time day one, especially if he enrolls early.

What does Griffin-Parker’s commitment mean for Tennessee?

It further emphasizes the type of offensive lineman that Jeremy Pruitt, Jim Chaney and Will Friend are trying to build this offensive line. Massive dudes with tools to build with. Tennessee understands the importance of winning in the trenches and Griffin-Parker’s commitment only further acknowledges that that.

The Vols have addressed the offensive tackle spot exceptionally well in the 2021 recruiting cycle after taking multiple interior offensive linemen in the class of 2020.

Scouting Report

To get a feel for the type of player Tennessee is getting in Griffin-Parker, Rocky Top Insider spoke with Pearl-Cohn head football coach Tony Brunetti. Here’s everything Brunetti had to say about Griffin-Parker:

On the type of player Tennessee is getting in Griffin-Parker:

“Getting a good kid, a good person. A kid with a genuine heart. But also getting a kid that has a lot of potential. Will’s probably about 6-foot-6 now. Very athletic and gifted for his size. He can run, he can move. The sky is the limit for what he can be and help a team be successful down the line. A year in the weight room will help him a whole lot. And he’ll have a chance to enroll early. If he chooses to do so, it’ll up his stock because he’ll be able to grow in the spring and participate in spring ball before the season.

“If you go look at all of the top five lineman in the country, Will had the same amount of offers if not even more. And I’m not talking about no little bitty schools. He legitimately had an offer from Ohio State. He legitimately had an offer from Georgia. He legitimately had an offer from Alabama. His first major offer was Oklahoma.”

On how long Griffin-Parker played offensive line and how much he’s improved:

“He’s been starting since he was a sophomore. Last three years he’s been growing and really take the weight rom seriously. Will was really gifted in basketball, too. It took me having to really talk to him about realizing his potential and dreams that football could bring to him. When he finally committed and realized that he could be real good at this, he pushed himself to get better and stronger. He was really looking forward to this season to prove how much he’d grown.”

On what colleges like about Griffin-Parker:

“That he’s very physical at the point of attack and his first step off the ball. He’s very quick. He takes care of business. He’s mean and nasty.”

On what Griffin-Parker needs to improve on as he works towards the next level:

“He just needs to get strong. He’s lean now, not a fat kid. He’s a good-looking 320. He just needs to continue to get stronger in a college weight room.”

On Griffin-Parker’s personality:

“Will could fit in anywhere. He can communicate, he’s multi-cultural. His personality does that. He’s got the politician type of talk. He’s got a charisma about him that he can mingle with anybody. He’s always smiling. If he’s had a rough day, you wouldn’t know he’s had a rough day.”