How does Mashack fit in with the Vols?

Mashack is yet another Rick Barnes recruit to a tee, that will fit in perfectly within the program. Mashack is a good, hard-working kid who will gel greatly with the Vols’ blue-collar approach because of his mentality and mental makeup.

He can be a great offensive player at Tennessee, but Barnes has always emphasized the defensive side of the basketball before anything else. Mashack is already an elite defender who loves playing defense. Most kids nowadays care more about the offensive side of the ball. Mashack doesn’t, which makes him a great fit in Barnes’ system on top of being a great fit in the program as well.

Scouting Report

As I just mentioned, Mashack’s defensive ability is what stands out first and foremost. Mashack’s great size for a guard and long arms give opposing offensive players fit. When you throw in his athleticism, he’s well-advanced on the defensive end at this point of his development. Mashack has the potential to be the best defensive player in the SEC at some point in his career.

What also makes Mashack such a great defender is his mental makeup. He never takes a play off and plays with an edge. Mashack competes every possession, plays with a toughness not found in most kids his age and is physical with offensive players.

On the offensive end, Mashack will have to continue to develop his jumper. He’s great at scoring in transition and off of cuts towards the basket. Under Barnes, Mashack has an excellent chance at developing into one of the better two-way players in the conference.