Pruitt’s opening statement:

“I think Florida has a really good team. They’ve got a couple of exceptional players. I thought they played really well today. But I thought our kids fought hard. When you look at the circumstances a lot of these guys were around, we made a ton of mistakes today. But some of the mistakes we made were probably were where we need to do a much better job getting the guys ready to play. Some of them was because guys hadn’t practice in two weeks.

“This team was too good to let them off the hook, and we let them off the hook from our defensive standpoint about four or five times on third down in the first half. When you’re playing inside man-to-man, you shouldn’t get beat inside. And that happened to us a couple times. But anyhow, I thought our kids fought really hard. But I think this game was very similar to a lot of our games this year. If you look at the way we play, about 90 percent of the plays are probably winning football. Maybe top tier in this league. But unfortunately, you’ve got to count all plays. There have been three or four plays on both sides of the ball in every game, particularly this one, where we made mistakes. Either didn’t take advantage of a call, whether it was offensively or defensively. Maybe we ran a good call, but we just didn’t take advantage. We didn’t capitalize on the situation we were in. Or maybe we made mistakes.