“I’m proud of our guys. I’m proud of our coaching staff. I thought they had a really good game plan. It’s good to see them have fun. I thought defensively we played much better on third down, which helped us a lot. Probably far and away our best game on third down defensively. We scored once on defense. Thought both quarterback threw the ball well at times. I know we had one pick there, in the fourth quarter there, that we don’t need. But I thought we created some explosive plays offensively. I thought Toby (Wilson) done a nice job kicking the ball, not to have ever kicked in a game before. So that was good for him.

“Played a lot of guys. Played a lot of young guys. It was good to see some of those young backs at the end of the game. Thought we got a lot of pressure on the quarterback on defense, at least affected him. Don’t know how many times we sacked him, but we got him off the spot, got him moved around. Probably the most disappointing part of the game to me is we’ve been a really good team this year without having penalties. Unusual, we had live-ball penalties. Got a couple holding calls A block in the back, two blocks in the back. All really in one drive there. I’m glad to see our guys get a chance to have some fun and finish a game. We’ve got one more opportunity and our guys are thankful for that.”