On if he’s been surprised by how well the defense has performed through the first three games:

“I don’t know if I would say I’m surprised because, you know, the one thing we’ve talked about as a team is, one, I think these guys have great respect for each other. I think they have great respect for each other’s work ethic. I think they know that we keep talking about the leadership, where they expect it. There are a lot of guys that are capable of doing things. We keep talking about are those guys who are willing to do it all the time? Who is really going to go play hard. And if you don’t, you should understand we’re going to give someone else a chance. But I do think these guys are working hard and know that we can get better. We have to get better. But defensively, obviously it’s something that we’ve always tried to emphasize. But we’ve got two freshmen that I’ve said I thought the best thing they bring us is their on-ball defense, which it takes freshmen some time to learn how to do that. I think Jaden and Keon are good, they really get up there and hawk the ball. Santi (Vescovi) does it in a different way. Everybody kind of does it in a different way. But as a group we know, they know, that if they don’t give us the effort we need there that that’s probably the quickest way they’ll get subbed out, maybe before they want to come out.”